Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Date Nights

Thanksgiving is in just a few days, which is the beginning of the Holidays. Before we know it we are going to have busy schedules with dinners with friends and family, scrambling to get Christmas presents and lots of other things. Often we all get way to focused on crossing off that next item on our to do list, but there are times we just need to sit back and relax with our significant other. 

Holidays are the perfect time to spend quality time together, doesn't have to be much just a enough time to make some memories you will never forget! 

  • Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. I found this idea on  Pinterest; there are tons of different versions of this- just type in "Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt." But spend an evening going out with your significant other and looking for Christmas lights, grab a cup of hot chocolate and just enjoy the lights! Or you could even make it a joint couple thing, make it a competition between couples! Document the lights you find and the first couple to find them all wins!

  • Wrapping Date Night. Make wrapping all the gifts fun. Grab a bottle of wine, start a fire, put on a Christmas movie or some Christmas music and knock out all the wrapping together!

  • Gingerbread House. Build a Gingerbread house together!

  •  Christmas Movies. Hallmark released their Christmas movie schedule back in October, so there are no shortages of Christmas movies on TV. Cozy up by the fire and enjoy the holidays with a good laugh with Tim Allen.

  • Ice Skating. Downtown Raleigh has a skate rink they open up every Winter and I have been a few times with my sister, but hope to be able to go with Timmy this year. Last year it opened up on the day we got married but it was so hot this past Winter they had to shut it down!

  • Fireplace S'mores. Sometimes it is way too cold to venture out to the bonfire, so bring the marshmallows and chocolate inside and roast some s'mores on your fireplace.

  • Hockey Game. Hockey may not be your favorite sport, but the atmosphere at a hockey game is so fun!

What is your favorite date night during the Holidays?

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Jessica J said...

These are such great date night ideas! We love going ice skating this time of year!
xo Jessica

Mylifeaslaurr said...

Thanks for sharing all of these date nights! I'm definitely going to make fireplace s'mores while watching the Hallmark movies :)



Kara at Fit Chick Nextdoor said...

I'm always looking for new date night ideas especially around the holidays. I'm sure I will be adding some of these :)

Kaitlin Cuevas said...

What great date night ideas! My favorite is a Christmas light scavenger hunt! I'll have to suggest this to my hubby :)

- Kaitlin

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love these ideas! Especially the Christmas light one. That seems like it would be a magical date night!

Elizabeth Ann // www.lovedoinglife.com

Rachel said...

Such great ideas! I've actually done the Christmas lights scavenger hunt and it's so much fun! P.S. you're in Raleigh?! I am too (well just outside Raleigh)!

Keating Bartlett said...

So many great ideas! My family used to go out looking at Christmas lights all the time when I was growing up. I grew up in Maine and there were always so many gorgeous neighborhoods full of lights. Now I'm in San Diego and I'm thinking I may be disappointed this year lol

Dylan said...

These are cute ideas. For me and my partner I think we would enjoy ice skating (there is also an outdoor rink here in Vancouver during the winter) and Christmas movies!

Alexis Drumm said...

I love the idea of a Christmas light scavenger hunt. We always drive through town looking at the lights so we really need to do this!

Breakfast at Lillys said...

These all sound like fun holiday date nights!

Mistle said...

Love all of these ideas! I hope to see lots of Christmas lights this year! Wrapping presents is def a fun date night idea. I hate wrapping presents because I don't have patience for it but my boyfriend does. So it's always an entertaining time.