Wednesday, November 23, 2016

{ Married Life } 1st Anniversary Shoot

I have been thinking about our 1st year anniversary photo shoot since November 22, 2015. If you didn't know, we got  married on November 21, 2015. I love any excuse to get professional pictures done of the two of us!

We have now had 3 sessions of professional pictures and I love them all so much! We first got our  engagement photos in November of 2014, then our  wedding pictures in November of 2015 and now our  1 year anniversary shoot this November. If you have been around here for awhile you know Fall is my favorite season and I am so happy that all of our pictures so far have been able to have the beautiful fall scenery, but one of these days I will have a shoot in the summer! Maybe when we have children my maternity shoot will fall during the summer. Who knows! But until then I will enjoy all the beautiful fall pictures of my hubby and I!

We booked  Tiffany through a referral of one of our good friends, Whitney! Whitney and Jim used Tiffany for their maternity shoot, see it  here on Tiffany's blog, and were very pleased and just loved Tiffany and Phillip! 

We loved Whitney and Jim's shoot so much we decided to copy her photographer and the location! We took our anniversary photos at  The Historic Oak Park in Raleigh and it was the perfect location for us, with beautiful trees and barns!

We went with two outfits, a casual outfit with jeans and a little more dressier outfit with dress an khakis for him. 

We took off a Wednesday from work and ended up having a beautiful afternoon at our shoot. It did rain a little before and after but thank goodness not during like it did during our  Engagement shoot! The weather started off beautiful, cool but not too cold and no wind and lots of sun! About 30 minutes into the session clouds came in, it got cold and windy and of course it was time for the outfit change into my dress! Let's just say there were a lot of times we had to stop to fix my fair and hold my dress down!

Now, let's get to the photo overload part. I am obsessed and I loved how all these turned out!

I am so in love with all of these photos! We have ordered our Christmas card using one of these photos and I can't wait to share that with you all soon!

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Emily Brick said...

Gorgeous photos! I LOVE both of your outfits so much!

Jill @ RunEatSnap said...

I just started a photography business and I love the idea of anniversary photos!

Rachel said...

Lovely photos!! Happy anniversary! We've taken anniversary photos every year (our 6th is coming up, so we just took those!) and that's one tradition I'm very grateful for!

Breakfast at Lillys said...

Such cute photos! Happy anniversary.

Mistle said...

Love these pictures!!! They came out so good!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Nicole Cano said...

the pictures turned out beautiful! congratulations on one year anniversary!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

Love the photos, they are so cute!! Happy (belated) anniversary!