Friday, January 5, 2018

Mountain Trip 2017 { Waynesville, NC }

Every year after Christmas my dad, sister, Timmy and I head to the NC Mountains and meet my grandad and my aunt, uncle and cousins to spend a few days together. This year my Aunt and Uncle and cousins didn't come, so it was just a small group of us but we still had so much fun!

The day after Christmas we packed up from Winston Salem and headed to the mountains. We got there a little after lunch and it was freezing! I think the temperature there the entire time was around 30-35 degrees, so we stayed bundled up!

Typically, there are about 10 of us and we usually get a big house all together at Lake Junaluska but since my cousins and family weren't going to be there my dad actually set up them to stay at my Great Grandmother's old house. The new owner was going to be out of town so him, my sister and granddad stayed there while Timmy and I and our pups stayed at a AirBnb just down the road! It was so nice to be back at my great grandmothers house, it was a lot different but it brought back so many memories! We relaxed the first night we were there and just enjoyed spending time with each other.

The next morning, which would have been Wednesday, we got up and headed back over to my great grandmothers house to have breakfast and then go to downtown Waynesville to watch football and do a little shopping! Every year we always make a stop in the Mast General Store and the doggie bakery! We always spend way too much money in that doggie bakery!

After a long day of football and shopping, we took it back to the house and finished the night with a fun game of  Hearing Things. My friend, Whitney, bought Timmy and I this game for Christmas and it was so much fun! Me and Timmy were pretty bad at it, but my grandfather was great at it! I think he got every phrase my dad said to him!

Thursday AM we woke up and headed to Maggie Valley for breakfast! After breakfast we noticed there was a distillery just down the road and we wanted to run in real quick just to look. Well, a look turned into a tour. Yes. My family went on a Whiskey tour right after breakfast, and it included shots. But I will say, we didn't eat breakfast until 11AM, so it was pretty much lunch time. 

It was really neat to see how the Whiskey was made, even though I don't drink Whiskey. It was definitely something my family enjoyed!

Later that night, we went out to dinner and ended the trip with a delicious meal from  Bourbon Barrel Beef & Ale. If you ever find yourself in the little town of Waynesville, I would highly suggest trying this restaurant! Everything we all got was delicious! 

And that was a wrap on our family mountain trip! Until next year Waynesville!

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