Monday, November 17, 2014

Last Weekending Tailgating

Well, I enjoyed my last football tailgate of 2014 this past Saturday and we went out with a bang. This weekend NC State played Wake Forest and usually you will see me in my State colors but this weekend I was pulling for Wake. Pretty much my entire family went to Wake Forest so if I continued to cheer for the Wolfpack against Wake my family would not be very happy. So I put on some clothes that I had that would most resemble I am cheering for Wake. Their colors are black and gold so I put on a white sweater my brown leather jacket and a leopard print scarf. I felt like that was not going to come across that I was cheering for State but I guess it didn't come across that I was cheering for Wake either..oh well.

But let's back track to Friday night. Friday night my oldest younger sister came over to spend the night because she was going to participate in tailgating but before we could relax we had to come up with what I was going to wear for my Engagement photos on Sunday. This was an ordeal and it continued to be a problem up until about 30 minutes before I had to leave on Sunday for my engagement photos. I had no idea what I wanted to wear...everything I picked out I found a problem with it. Well after about an hour of trying on outfits I had it narrowed it down to 3 outfits. Finally on Sunday I just went with the one I felt most comfortable in and I am so glad I went with that outfit because I saw some of the pictures on the camera and it looked good!

Saturday we woke up early, had some coffee and got ready for the game. I made sausage dip and brownies and we were going to cook out burgers and hot dogs as well. There were 7 of us going so we decided taking the RV would be the best idea so we would all have room and no one would have to drive (my dad had his usual driver come and pick us up that morning), we loaded up the RV and headed towards Carter Finley with mimosas in hand. It was cold but not as cold as I was expecting and everyone was very well behaved for starting to drink at 10AM, after the game was over we all went out to a bar and were home and in bed by 11:30. That was a full day of drinking and I loved it. Day drinking is one of my favorite things to do! State ended up winning and I was a little bummed I wasn't cheering for State the one game we go to and they win.

Sunday morning came way to early and clearly Timmy and I were on the struggle bus. Thank goodness for pizza delivery. I had pizza in my hand by 11AM. Yes, I woke up and immediately ordered pizza at 10:15AM. We enjoyed our pizza and some Netflix until it was time to finally make a decision on what I was going to wear for my 2nd outfit. After another hour of trying to decide what to wear I finally just picked one and boom it was time to go. We walked outside and its I want to do my pictures today..these next few weeks are so busy I don't know what I would have done if we couldn't do them that day. Well we went anyways and I kept checking my phone to make sure she didn't email me to cancel...and we got there and we knocked them out in about an hour and a half! Rain started to come a little at the end but we pushed through it and got them done. Cara from f8 Photo Studios took them for me and she did an amazing job! Timmy and I felt so awkward but we were able to loosen up a little but I still felt a little uncomfortable because I am just an awkward person, but Timmy did great! I couldn't believe how well he did! I guess we will just have to wait and see how the pictures turned out! I am so excited I want to see them now! After our pictures were done, we decided to try this new restaurant in Fuquay our friend works at, Garibaldi. It was delicious!

I also got a new button that Lisa from Showered with Design made me, so if you wanna swap buttons let me know :) And don't forget to use the code girltalk2014 for 5% off any paid sponsor order!

But now it is back to work I go..luckily for me it is a short week! Timmy and I are going with one of our couple friends to Savannah, GA for a quick little weekend getaway! I have never been and I am so excited! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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