Sunday, December 7, 2014

Engagement Photos

They are here, they are here, they are here and I love every single one of them! November 14, 2014 Timothy and I battled the cold and dreary weather and met Cara from f8 Photo Studios, our photographer for a photo shoot. I hadn't done much before we went except lay in bed so I hadn't really seen the weather but when we got into the car it start to rain. I immediately began freaking out because I was wearing a dress that if it got wet you could totally tell.

We got there and the rain had stopped (but started sprinkling at the end but we just went with it) and I was totally nervous. I have never done pictures like this and I am a very awkward person. But Cara was amazing and she really captured Timmy and I's relationship! We took some pictures on a railroad track behind her office and the rest at Meredith College where I graduated from. 

If you remember right before I took these pictures I had a small meltdown and had no idea what I should wear and I took it to the blog to get my fellow bloggers help. Thank you to everyone who gave me their opinions! I ended up going with the hot pick dress and a black fringe scarf and the riding boots for my dressier outfit. I felt more comfortable and felt the color was more "Ashley".

Now, I will warn you there will be a lot of photos! So get ready! I couldn't pick just a few that were my favorite! I didn't do all of them but I might as well!

If you made it to here..I am impressed and very happy you stayed all the way through this because I have one more surprise! A blooper..showcasing Timmy's finest asset..his belly. HA!

Eventually, I will be needing to send out Save the Date cards (months down the road) but I already have a few of my favorites picked out! Which ones are some of your favorites that I could use for my Save the Dates?

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