Friday, August 14, 2015

Workout For Free

1 // Go Outside
There is no better gym than the open outdoors. I particularly love going on a walk or jog outside rather than paying for a ridiculously priced workout class. 

2 // Youtube
The wonderful world of the Internet. Youtube has tons of workout videos that are free that can be done right in the comfort of your living room.

3 // Be Creative
When doing exercises that involve weights, get creative. Those few pounds of hamburger meat that need to be thawed out can be a great substitute for some light weights.

4 // Tracks
During the summer breaks, most of the tracks at schools will be empty, work on your interval training at the tracks.

5 // Stairs
You don't need an expensive stairmaster to work on climbing stairs...your house probably has a set of stairs and if not find the closest apartment complex and use those!

6 // Cycling
Cycling classes are one of the best forms of exercise classes to take, but why not try riding your bike throughout your neighborhood for a few hours?

7 // Trails
One of my favorite forms of exercise is hiking. Look for some hiking trails near you and enjoy some quality time with your family or some quality time with yourself.

8 //Yardwork
Believe it or not yardwork is some good exercise. Clearing out the woods, mowing the grass with a push mower, etc.

9 // Water Training
During the summer the pools and oceans are a great place to get some laps in and stay cool.

10 // Research
There are tons of great exercise plans out there that do cost money but are well worth it and don't have a monthly payment - I have been doing Kayla Itsines lately and I love it. There is also the famous Tone It Up series.

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