Monday, September 21, 2015

2nd 5K: North Hills 5K

I ran my second 5K this weekend and I ran my first 5K with my fiance. I really enjoyed running it with him..he kept me motivated and didn't let me walk as much as I would have wanted. I did learn a lot of things about my running that I didn't know before after running with him.

This 5k went to help Raleigh's BackPack Buddies through the North Raleigh ministries. If I remember correctly we help feed around 10 families for an entire year. 

Timmy and I got up early last Saturday morning to get ready and made it to the race with just a few minutes to spare. I was a little nervous because this was technically my first real 5k...the Color Vibe had a completely different atmosphere and it was more of a fun run rather than a race. 

We started the race and by the end of mile 1 I was ready to walk a little bit...but no one was walking yet, so I stuck it out for a little bit longer and had to walk. Then came the hard part. We would walk run walk run and then we hit so many hills. Everyone was pretty much walking. Finally the race was almost over and I could see the finish line...that was just a happy moment.

I finished at 38:08, better than my 41:24 at the Color Vibe. My pace was 11:18. I learned that my breathing techniques aren't the best and I need to learn to pace myself better. When I was running up one of the hills I just wanted to get it over with so I went faster which in the end did more damage than good. I am proud of myself for running as much of the 5k as I did, especially with Timmy there...usually I would just get annoyed with him and give up. I would say this was a great accomplishment not only physically but also in our relationship.

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