Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bachelor Season 20: Week Five

Just last week I was on vacation in Mexico (recap tomorrow) and now this weeks episode is when the girls and Ben were in Mexico! Man, I miss being in Mexico!

+4:20am...I would be pissed. Oh my gosh he asked whose weave is this! That is hilarious! And Amanda looks flawless when she wakes up!

+I love Amanda's outfit, she is just so cute! I think Ben would love being a dad! It is a lot but he didn't come on the Bachelor to just find a girlfriend..he is ready to have a wife and start a family.

+YES. I am so glad Olivia was on that group date. Sucks for you brat. And her little fake smile when Lauren H. said she was so excited to be going on a one on one.

+I think Amanda being completely honest about her past marriage is so admirable and Ben's comforting words to her about it was just the sweetest. She is starting to become one of my favorites!

+I would hate this date. I was awful at Spanish. And it looks like they are in a spanish class. 

+Jubilee...chill out. She is slowly blowing it. I don't think she is trying to have an attitude I think she just is feeling awkward and sarcasm is her defense. 

+Olivia always thinks there is some hidden feeling going on between her and Ben. He just said Te Amo to every single girl. Just because he said it to you means he actually is in love with you.

+Surprisee!! Olivia claimed Ben as her cooking partner! She must be some sort of insecure because she is always needing to solidify her and Ben's relationship.

+Lauren H. is so cute. She is so excited about her date and she is a Kindergarten teacher!

+Ben...no. Don't say that joke ever again. "I am no long the Batchelor, I am the spatchelor."

+The owners of the restaurant said in spanish Olivia and Ben's dish looked like dog food!! #tears

+Ben wasn't even done thanking everyone for a wonderful group date before Olivia stole him away. 

+I think Ben is really crushing on Lauren B. I didn't see him take anyone out of their little area and onto the town. I think she will probably get the group date rose.

+When Jubilee wouldn't hold Ben's hand, oh no girl bad move. Ben has to be honest, no matter how much it might hurt her. Oh no she is going home. That has got to be the most awkward walk ever. She didn't even have a limo to go home in? Just some taxi cab on the street??

+WTF!?!?!?! Olivia got the group date rose. That is messed up. He doesn't see her craziness!!!

+I could not imagine being at fashion week in Mexico! But I would freak out if I had to walk the runway!

+I can't really tell how much Ben really likes Lauren H. I really like her though!

+Teen Mom, Olivia?? She is so ridiculous.

+Yes, good job Emily. You tell Ben exactly who Olivia really is; he needs to know!

+What is Ben gonna say to Olivia! Hopefully he finds the truth out.

+Emilys confession and phone call with her sister just really made me like her. She is so funny!

+Ben is on a mission to figure out what the hell is going on with Olivia. Ahhh she is getting called out! Hopefully he is sending her home! Take away the rose!!!

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1 comment :

Girl Meets Bow said...

I think Amanda is one of my favorites too! And I love Lauren B & I think Ben has a huge crush on her! I feel like the producers made him give Olivia the rose to keep the drama going... he doesn't even seem to have much chemistry with her- all they talk about is how much she likes him??