Friday, April 29, 2016

May Goals

So April wasn't the best month for me. I took a week off from working out basically and just wasn't very motivated to do a lot of my goals. April is always the start of the busy spring season.

  • Take a morning walk on the beach, we will be there for Mother's Day
  • Complete 2 things from my Spring Bucketlist
  • Complete 2 things from my 101 in 1001 list
    • Goal: Attend a food truck rodeo
    • Goal: Run 1 mile everyday for a month
  • Read 4 books
  • Make it to the lake one weekend
  • Cook 2 new dishes
  • Try 1 new restaurant
  • Clean fridge/freezer
  • Find flowers to hang around house and put in planters
  • Workout 3x in afternoon a week
  • Workout 3x in the morning a week
  • Reach 10,000 steps 4x a week
  • Lose 2 pounds
There were a few goals I completed in April, not my best month like I said above but some success.
  • Workout at least 3x in the afternoon
  • Workout at least 3x in the monring
  • Reach 10,000 steps 4x a week
  • Lose 3 pounds
    • still stayed the same weight.
  • Finish 3 books
    • Heres to Falling
    • We Are Liars
    • Break You
    • Call Me!
  • Plant flowers/clean up flower bed
    • We didn't plant any new flowers, but we did clean up some of the weeds and nurse the flowers from last year back
  • Power wash all deck furniture
  • Clean out pantry
  • Clean out fridge
  • Get wedding ring and band cleaned
  • Since we didn't go on a movie date last month, go on a movie date
  • Complete 2 things from my  Spring Bucketlist
    • We have bought and put together our new porch furniture!
    • Going to a baseball game tonight!!
  • Complete 1 thing from my  101 in 1001 list

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