Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sweat It Out Vol. 1

Hello and welcome to the first month of our Sweat It Out link-up! I have joined together with Sarah from  Sarah Emily Blogs and Leah from  Chasing Texas to bring you our new series called Sweat It Out. As I said in the  introductory post about Sweat It Out, we are all trying to get in shape but without motivation and without support it is hard for us to keep accountable, so in steps Sweat It Out; the monthly link-up of anything fitness!

The point of Sweat It Out is to see what others are talking about their fitness, see other peoples fitness goals, favorite fitness gear or their favorite recipe. So let's get right into it. Last month was a little touch and go for me. I had tons of goals but couldn't really get motivated at the beginning, then I went to the lake for a weekend and put a bathing suit on and the next week I found motivation.


I had originally signed up to run in two 5ks in April, but ended up only running in one (see my recap on Thursday of the 5K). It was the first 5k of 2016 and it didn't go great but I finished!


Lately I have been doing a lot of short runs/walks. I try and get up every morning and go on at least a mile walk before work. Then when I get home I either go to the gym and run/walk on the treadmill or come home and run/walk in the neighborhood.


So I took the plunge and update my  FitBit (<--- add me as a friend) Flex to the  ChargeHR and I absolutely love it! Before I could really just see my steps, now with the ChargeHR I can monitor my heart rate, track steps, track my stairs, etc. It was definitely a good purchase!

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