Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

I remember the weeks leading up to our  engagement photos, I was constantly looking in my closet, walking into stores, desperately trying to find the perfect outfit for our engagement photos that were coming up. But I didn't need to go buy a brand new outfit, because it turned out I already had everything I wanted to wear in my closet! 

So you have your engagement photos coming up and you look in your closet and you think to yourself "I have noting to wear!" Come on, we all say it! That is exactly what I thought until I really thought about how I wanted our engagement photos to turn out. So I have put together some tips on what you should wear to your engagement photos, don't forget these are the tips that worked for me. Your style may be completely different than mine, remember you want to wear something that YOU feel beautiful in!

one // be you
If you go into the shoot wearing an outfit you don't feel comfortable with, it is going to show in your photos. If you don't normally wear a dress then don't wear a dress. Be yourself. Don't alter your style or wear what is trendy on that day because these photos will last a lifetime.

two // casual vs. formal
A lot of couples, well lets say the girls in the couple, can't decide if they want a formal or casual engagement styled photo shoot. Which I totally get it, I brought two outfits to my engagement photos and I am so glad I did. Bringing more than one outfit never hurt, especially if you have two different locations. If you can't decide between just 2 outfits bring a few and your photographer will really be able to give you their input. We went with a dressy casual for our first look and casual for our second look.

three // season
Our engagement photos were taken in October of 2014, so we knew a sundress and shorts were not going to be the look of our shoot that day. We wanted to dress with the season, so that meant booties for me and a sweater for him. Be conscious of the season and your outfits. I once saw a couple who wore sundresses and shorts to a shoot in December there was snow on some parts of the ground. I guess they really wanted to wear those outfits.

four // coordinate
Make sure you and your significant other somewhat match. You don't have to buy matching shirts or anything like that, but look like you tried. Wear colors that complement each other.

five // comfort
Wearing tight jeans that you had to struggle to put on that morning, might not be the best idea. Our photographer had us on the ground and moving around a lot. Wearing shoes that are cute and comfortable is also key. You will be walking and standing on your feet for around an hour. Don't go out the night before and buy some had to have high heels!

What did you wear to your engagement photos?

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