Friday, May 26, 2017

San Diego, CA | 2017

This time last week I was waking up in California with my three best friends. Life was great. Today I am sitting at my desk waiting for the long weekend to finally get started!

About a month and a half ago, my best friend Chelsea texted me and my other best friend Rachel and we started to plan a surprise trip to California to surprise our other best friend, Paige, for her birthday! Chelsea and Paige are sister and now live in Los Angeles and we had been trying to plan a girls trip for this year but no dates were working out. But when Chelsea texted us by some miracle it worked out and we booked our flights within 30 minutes of planning the trip.

The plan was to fly into Los Angeles late last Thursday night and surprise Paige when we got there and then head off to San Diego for the weekend to celebrate Paige's birthday. To say Paige was surprised was an understatement; she literally had no words and just stared at Rachel and I as we walked in the door for a good five minutes. 

We have been friends since high school and we have a group message that we talk in every day, so keeping this trip a secret was hard. But it was so worth it to see Paige's reaction. Of course we stayed up talking Thursday night and LA is 3 hours behind NC time, so by the time we went to bed I had been up for almost 24 hours! I slept like a baby that night!

Friday morning Rachel and I walked to a local coffee shop to get some coffee and got ready to head to San Diego. The car ride was miserable...mainly because of traffic. Have you ever been in Los Angeles traffic? It can take up to 20 minutes to go just a couple of miles. Well of course we got stuck in it and made it to San Diego by dinner time!

We all got dressed for dinner and our first night out in San Diego! We went to dinner in Gaslamp and it was such a fun time! We had dinner at Barleymash and it definitely did not disappoint. Paige and I split two dinners - I got the Hog Ranch Mac n Cheese, which is bacon ranch and mac n cheese (it was to die for) and she got the Buffalo fries!

If you are ever in the San Diego area I would highly suggest this place! The atmosphere and the food was great!! After dinner we hit the bars! We started at a bar called  Tin Roof that had some great live music!! I am a sucker for live music. 

After Tin Roof, we went to  The Deck at Moonshine Flats, which was a country bar and I felt right at home! There was country music, there was dance music, there was a little bit of everything! We ended the night there and had way too much fun singing and dancing together!

Saturday morning came and we were all exhausted but were excited for our day - Saturday was spent at the beach bars! Oh and the tattoo shop!!

We started with lunch by the beach at a cute little bar called  Pacific Beach Shore Club. Somehow we found a table that fit all of us outside and it was the perfect start to our beach bar day! We sipped on fish bowl drinks and ate way too much queso!

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to have a few free cocktails from the drinks we brought with us. I don't know about you, but I am used to a $2-3 beer, but in San Diego beers were more like $5-6. So I was happy to go back to the hotel. Also, our hotel was ground level to the beach so we had an awesome view of Pacific Beach!

After a little refresher we headed back out to the bars. One of Paige's friends who lives in San Diego, took us to the sister bar of The Deck at Moonshine Flat a little down from our hotel, and we sipped on drinks and had some appetizers before we headed to the tattoo shop. Yep, remember I mentioned earlier our day was spent at the beach bars and the tattoo shop? Well for a couple years now Paige, Rachel, Chelsea and I have been talking about getting best friend tattoos so at lunch I mentioned it and somehow convinced the three of them to get one! I can't believe we did it, but we did!!

As we were walking to the bar we passed about 4 tattoo shops and at that point I told them it was destiny we had to - I mean there was a tattoo shop directly across from the bar. After going through tons of ideas of what we should get, we finally agreed on the symbols for the four elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire. The universe is made up of these four elements and can't survive without them; and we can't survive without each other. I know it is corny, but we just love each other that much!!

After we were bonded for life, we stopped at a little restaurant bar for dinner and I had the most delicious quesadilla ever - did I take a picture..NOPE. Do I remember the name..NOPE. But it was right by Dimora Tattoo shop if you are ever in the area!

After dinner we headed back to the same bar we were at before and ended the night with some more country music! There was a live performance by Scott Stephens, who I had never heard of before but he was pretty good! 

Sunday was a day of relaxing on the beach. We started with brunch at a restaurant called The Local and again this food was amazing! All the food we had in San Diego was great! Then we headed to the beach! We spent the afternoon at the beach before we headed back to LA to pack and go back home to NC.

We got home and somehow these girls convinced me to eat Indian my surprise I actually liked it. I am such a picky eater but this girl ate it and enjoyed it! We ended the night watching a movie and practically falling asleep on the couch. Monday morning it was rise and shine early to get on the plane to head back to NC.

Until next time San Diego!!

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