Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bring Them Back, Please

You know what I miss - Disney movies. I remember almost every Friday night one of the amazing Disney movies always came on. Those were the days when you could always count on a Disney movie to put you in a good mood.

Now a days there are so many dumb shows on the Disney channel I don't know what any of them are about, nor do I care to. What happened to the good shows like Lizzie McGuire or Even Stevens? Now we just have shows about being rich and famous - typical, but the movies and shows I watched growing up on Disney defined my younger years.

Since it is "Throwback Thursday" let's go back in time and remember some of these great movies!

Brink (1998) 
This came out when I was going to Jelly Beans on the weekend and I thought I was the coolest skater out there - you know I had my own pair of roller blades. But I wasn't a "soul skater" like Brink and his group of friends.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
This movie was my favorite! I wanted to be Zenon for the longest time. I mean who doesn't want to live on a space station and meet a famous rock star named Proto Zoa - by the way I totally rocked out to his song on this movie.

Smart House (1999)
This movie made me so jealous - I wanted a house that would do all the cool things that this house did, minus when the robot maid goes psycho.

RIP Gurls (2000)
This movie brought out my inner wanna-be surfer girl. Yea, that never happened and I don't see it ever happening in the future.

Life Size (2000)
This was before Lindsay Lohan was arrested and Tyra Banks wasn't finding models. I was always whispering to my dolls to see if they would come alive like Lindsay's doll did in this movie.

Model Behavior (2000)
Of course this was one of my favorites, Justin Timberlake was in it (I thought he was so dreamy back then).

Zenon: The Zequel (2001)
Zenon is still cool.

Motorcrossed (2001)
A typical movie where the girl goes against social standards and proves all the boys wrong! You get show those boys, Andrea!

The Luck of the Irish (2001)
Does he look familiar? He should for all my PLL fans! This is the guy that is a boy one day and POOF a leprechaun the next.

Double Teamed (2002)
Two tall girls playing basketball, what are the odds?

Cadet Kelly (2002)
Lizzie McGuire and Ren Stevens get together, two of my favorite shows back then. This movie made me want to go to military school (for a brief moment) because I wanted to be like her.

Right on Track (2003)
Lucy from 7th Heaven. And another movie proving girls can do whatever boys can do.

Cheetah Girls (2003)
This was my little sister, Caroline's, favorite movie when it first came out. And we were constantly singing the theme song....We're cheetah girls cheetah sisters!

High School Musical (2006)
See ya later good Disney Movies.