Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: Wedding Preps

This was a weekend for the books. I had such a good weekend and I am so excited to share it with y'all! If you follow my instagram or twitter <----you know you wanna follow, you know Friday and Saturday were full of wedding preparations and it was so much fun! But now it is Monday and back to work I go, in the pouring rain I might add. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday!

Friday after I got off work, I hit the grocery store and bought 2 bottles of moscato for a night in with my best friend! Leslie lives in Wilmington and was coming to Raleigh to go Bridesmaid dress shopping with some of my other girls on Saturday. I was fully stocked with wine because I was making her help me make some decorations for my Stock the Bar Party I will be having in March. I wanted to make some of the decorations early because I wanted to make sure I was capable and would have time to buy decorations if they turned out a hot mess. Well they ended up being perfect!

The first project we started working on was Glitter streamers! We only cut out the circles that night because I was going to have no where to store it until it was time for the party.

This is what it will end up looking like!!

Leslie was such a trooper, I traced the circles and she did most of the cutting. She is way craftier and more patient than I am to cut those dang things.

After we cut out enough circles to make 8 streamers, we moved onto the next DIY decoration. This is the one I was most excited about, a tissue paper garland! I have seen so many kits you can buy to make these but I decided I would just make it myself (tutorials for both projects to come). This was the one that took a lot of time and was a bit frustrating at times.

This was the final product! I think it turned out great! I decided to hang it up under the photo ledge (YES IT IS FINALLY UP, after it being on my to do list for months!) until the party comes around!

It was so sad, we each only drank about a glass or two of wine so I still had a lot of wine left over. But the most important part is that my decorations turned out great and I won't have to buy many! So thankful for a great MOH that will craft with me from 9pm-1am. 

After a best friend sleep over, Leslie and I got up and started getting ready for our busy day shopping for bridesmaid dresses. We talked a lot about how we thought the day would go and how we would handle some situations if they arise. The girls are all wearing different dresses, so I was concerned that there may be two people liking the same dress or something of that matter.

The girls and I met at Bella Bridesmaids and immediately started looking at all the Chiffon dresses. I was so excited I was just picking random dresses I liked for them to try on. I was just loving every minute of it. Then it finally came the time for everyone to start trying on their dresses. Everyone looked great and I was enjoying being able to sit on the couch and not have to change out of my warm clothes while they all played dress up. Everyone ended up liking different styles and not one single person wanted the same dress, I was so lucky! Not all the girls were able to come, we were missing 3 girls - Caroline, Paige and Chelsea. But thankfully for Paige and Chelsea there is a Bella Bridesmaids in LA so they can go there and look at the same designer. 

This was everyone in their dresses! Of course they will all be navy but I love all the styles they all picked!

After we picked the dresses, we went to lunch at a Bar & Grill called T.Mac - the food was delicious! I had a great day with the girls and it was much needed. I was so happy that most of the girls could come and it meant to much to me!

After lunch, I went home watched some TV before it was time to get ready for my friend Jamie's birthday. The party was so much fun, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures. But that is probably a good thing. Before we went to the party, I checked the mail and the koozies I ordered for Timmy and I use at the Stock the Bar party came in! I am so excited to use them!

Sunday, was a lazy day. I didn't leave my friends house until about 11am and then immediately hit Bojangles on the way home. Took a nice long shower and took a long nap until it was time to meet Caroline and my grandparents for dinner. After dinner, I went over to my Dads house because he is in Mexico for the next week so I had to babysit my sister. 

Phew, if you made it down here congrats and thanks for sticking with me through all that! It was a great weekend and I can't wait to go back to Bella Bridesmaid next weekend with Caroline!

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