Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Dates Recap

Timothy and I try to spend as much time together as possible...however sometimes it can be difficult for us to find some alone time with all the stuff we have going on! But when we do we always have a good time. 

North Hills Beach Music
During the summer one of the little outside malls has live beach music bands come and play on Thursday nights from about 6-9. It is always crowded, but always a good time! Timmy and I went a few times last year with some friends but we decided one time this year we wanted to make a date night out of it with dinner, drinks and some good music. Unfortunately the night we went it ended up raining but it worked out fine because we grabbed dinner and some drinks at Fox & The Hound and by the time we were done the rain had stopped and we got to enjoy some good beach music!

As most of you all know Timothy and I will be hiking 20+ miles in October. So we need to train. One weekend while we were at the Lake we decided to get in a little hike at the state park. Little did we know it would take us 3 miles to get to a trail and by then it was about time to turn around. But, it was nice getting up early and just getting out there with him and being able to talk and spend some quality alone time.

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