Thursday, July 7, 2016

Southern Roots Company { Etsy Shop }

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

As you can tell there is a theme of monograms here at Girl Talk. Monograms make me so happy. Combine the monogram with glitter and you have my new favorite top! I am all about comfort and working in an office all day where I can pretty wear whatever I want - comfort and style is important.

This shirt has probably become one of my favorites because it is so soft and loose fitting. The weather in NC is hot one day and cool the next, but I wore this shirt on Tuesday to work and running errands after work and even though it was long sleeves I felt great. I wore it to buy T's new truck on Tuesday and I got so many compliments!

I know I have a few readers who live in Florida and visit Disney World a lot, well  Southern Roots Company has a few tanks that would be PERFECT for those day trips!

I am a sucker for anything princessy. I mean heck, I have siri calling me Princess Ashley.

Or what about Harry Potter! I am dying to go to Harry Potter world, so one day I will be there and probably rocking this  tank if I go on my 30th birthday! (I better have been there by then!)

Girl Talk: Tell us a little about yourself.
Southern Roots Company: Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world, she took a midnight train going anywhere...Ok, so I didn't take a train anywhere, but growing up in a small town in North Texas, I couldn't wait to leave. There was nothing to do, nowhere to go. Cow tipping? Eh. Barn party? Eh. Bowling alley? Went there last week. So I got creative. Growing up, I loved art. I loved to sketch and draw and create and build and...the list goes on and on. I was in my early 20's and fell mad in love. We married shortly after, and I have birth to a beautiful boy. Soon, after another baby followed. I worked in the insurance industry; my children were with a wonderful caretaker during the day when I worked. I had a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, a job I loved, and yet, I was unfulfilled. I was running on empty. I felt as if I needed a change. Late one night, sitting on the back deck, thinking about my life, I realized my dream of becoming an artist was long gone. It saddened me. It broke my heart. Everything I'd ever wanted for my life had happened, except that. I felt like I had lost myself somewhere in my transition from childhood to adulthood to motherhood. Where had I gone? Then it hit me. It's never too late. I decided then and there to follow my passion to start crafting again. In my spare time, which wasn't much let me tell you, I created. I let ideas flow, and I just ran with them. Fast forward five years, I am not a stay at home mommy, have two beautiful baby boys, a gorgeous daughter, a four legged best friends, an ever supportive husband, and a flourishing full time crafting business.

Girl Talk: How long have you had your store on Etsy?
Southern Roots Company: As a frequent crafter, my home was overflowing with completed craft projects. In May 2012, I decided to open an Etsy store to sell some of the items I had made, and also to fund my crafting addiction. I began selling vinyl decals, and branched off into some home decor; wall plaques and shabby shic wreaths stands were the most popular items in my shop, as well as custom etched glass. My obsession with Disney and vintage soft shirts led me to my newest product, personalized clothing. I never make or sell anything that I don't absolutely love, and wouldn't wear myself. M family and I are walking advertisements for  Southern Roots Company, as my personal closet is full of SRC designs.

Girl Talk: How did you come up with the name Southern Roots Company?
Southern Roots Company: Being born and raised in Texas, I was brought up in a God fearing home, where the tea was sweet, corn was always on the cob, Sunday best wasn't just a saying, and front porches were for sitting. Our neighbors would come by during warmer months to sit and sip tea, dogs would run in the yard chasing the barn cats, and the whole family would join together on Sunday after church for dinner. I named my shop after what I am so blessed to have, Southern Roots.

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item in your store?
Southern Roots Company: I would love to say all of them are my favorite. I don't use any shirts (or products) I don't personally find amazing; the feel has to be right, the texture, the cut, the color, it all has to be perfect or it doesn't make it into my shop. I have a box of samples I ordered to preview, but I just didn't completely love, so they never made the Southern Roots cut. I must admit thought, that my 'Mama Bear'  shirts, cups and  decals are my favorite. My three children mean more than anything else in the world to me; this logo just speaks to my heart.

Girl Talk: What is your best selling item?
Southern Roots Company: Growing up, my ultimate dream was to be a Disney animator. My parents took our family to Disney World when I was a small child and I fell in love. Everything about my life revolved around that glorious castle, the most beautiful princesses, and the big mouse ears. I took my own children to Disney World last summer, and introduced them to the magic that is Disney. For this trip, I designed a few shirts for my family to wear during our vacation, and listed them on Southern Roots. Apparently, I'm not the only Disney super fan, as anything  Disney related very quickly became my best selling items.

Girl Talk: Do you have any new product ideas you might start selling?
Southern Roots Company: As a true Southern lady, my faith is vital to my survival. God has moved mountains for my family, and all of the blessings we have received are because of Him. The newest venture Southern Roots Company will be exploring is the beauty of scripture. I will very soon be featuring  inspirational bible verses on shirts, as well as decals and glassware.

Girl Talk: Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Southern Roots Company: Quality is key here at Southern Roots Company. All material used is top notch, and if I wouldn't wear it, it's not in my Etsy shop. I believe you get what you pay for; if I were to buy low grade material, my customers would received inferior product, and that's not just acceptable. As a consumer, I have high expectations, and my work and merchandise reflects that. I'm very proud of my Southern Roots.

Since I love monograms, I am highly considering purchasing  these socks!! What do you think? Do you love monograms enough to have them on your socks??

Be sure to stop by  Southern Roots Company and get your favorite new tank or top! I am so serious these shirts are so soft!

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