Thursday, July 20, 2017

The years before Mr. & Mrs. { The Apartment Years }

After spending almost a week in Florida and missing this new guy in my life, I was ready to get home. I remember on the drive home from Florida we were texting how many hours it would be until we saw each other, lame and silly I know. But as soon as I got into town we hung out. 

We had our first date at Sunni Skies, which is the most delicious ice cream place ever. I took him to meet my dad randomly without him knowing was was going on. Luckily my dad is a pretty easy going dad and I knew my dad would like him, he was definitely an upgrade from my last boyfriend!

A few weeks after we met, he was helping me move into my first college apartment with 3 other roommates. Two girls I had known since my freshman year at Meredith College and one girl who I didn't really know, but who is now my absolute best friend and we are inseparable! The real college life was about to begin with having my own place and being able to have Timmy over whenever I wanted. (FYI: If you didn't know Meredith College is an all girls school, so we have boy hours - so if I had known Timmy during my dorm years, he couldn't have just shown up whenever he wanted). Timmy wasn't in school, he had just left ECU and moved back home and was working for a ceiling company (I think??) when I was moving into my first apartment, but later had moved on and began working as a correctional officer at Central Prison in Raleigh, which later I got him fired at because I forged a doctors note when we wanted to take a long weekend at the lake.

 The first few months when I lived in the apartment I would only see Timmy on the weekends, then it went to Tuesday nights and the weekends, then it went to almost every day.

During my first year living at our crappy apartment, Timmy started introducing me to a lot of his friends, which now are some of my best friends! Erin and I became super super close after that night she introduced me and Timmy, we both made some good friends at KBJs and we were all hanging out every weekend at my apartment playing cards and doing who knows what!

I mean we literally did everything at my apartment, someone was always there. When I think of college I think back to those weekends where we hung out with the same people every weekend doing the same thing!

Timmy and I also went to a lot of NC State Football games! It was so convenient to live so close to the stadium and know so many other friends going it was easy to get a ride! Now, living 30 minutes away not so much!

That first apartment was also where we brought home our fur baby, Bailey! Timmy and I went to the SPCA one Sunday afternoon just to look and I came home with her! (Also, please notice how short my hair is - ahhh)

My first year in that crappy apartment was up and we were moving to bigger and better apartments! We went from a dump to high class! They had just finished building a brand new apartment complex with all new appliances, hard wood floors and an amazing pool and we got to live there our Senior Year! Timmy stayed with me more and more and I was starting to think about the future more and more. We calmed down a little during my senior year, but not too much. We were still partying a lot and constantly going out! 

Still drinking at football games...

And still having parties at the apartment...

We really lived the college life with all the parties and constant social interaction. But, that is me and Timmy. We like to have fun and be social. There aren't many weekends when we are hermits and don't go out to see friends or something. Those apartment years definitely taught me and Timmy a lot about our relationship and how to grow from it. Of course we had our fights, but they helped us shape our relationship. Apartment life with 3 other roommates and in a serious relationship was hard and it definitely came with its obstacles, but it prepared us to live in our first apartment together after I graduated from Meredith!

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Monica said...

This is so sweet - looks like you guys have shared lots of good times already! Isn't it funny how you remember every little detail of the time when you first started dating? I was just thinking last night about how certain songs remind me of driving in the car on my way to see my now-husband, how clearly I remember our first dates, etc. :)

Kay R. said...

This is really sweet. I love your story and I love that you remember the details :)

Unknown said...

This is so sweet. I remember first starting to date my husband. What fun times!!