Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

Hallelujah for a long weekend! Today I am headed to Lake Norman when I get off work with Timothy and my family! I am so excited to finally get to go down to the lake and just relax!

[[ ONE ]]

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful and I had a wonderful weekend with some of my very best friends! Friday night Timothy and I cooked out with two girls I went to Meredith with, Maura and Whitney, and their husbands, our friend Duncan and Erin. It was great all getting together - especially seeing Greg and Maura because they were visiting from Charleston. Friday night was great weather and Saturday was gorgeous - Whitney, Erin and I even got some tanning done.

Maura, myself and Whitney grilling out Friday night
Snap chatting Saturday at the pool

[[ TWO ]]

Since Timothy and I have started training for our 20 mile hike we are working out together more. I really enjoy the time we get to spend while working out. It gives us some time to chat about our day and do something we haven't done together very much. We will see how long he lasts though! I think he may drop out of this 20 mile hike! But don't tell him I said that!

Timothy looks thrilled that I was taking selfies during our walk.

[[ THREE ]]

My best friends and I have finally decided on a date that we are all going to take a trip together. This years trip will be to California. As I have mentioned in here before Paige and Chelsea live in LA while Rachel and I live in North Carolina. So Rachel, Timothy and I are going to fly down to LA and then head to San Diego and spend a few days there! I am super excited that we are all going to be able to be together in the same time zone again for a short little time. It is always difficult trying to talk with all of them because Chels and Paige are about 4 hours behind me and Rach and we will always start our group texting about 9AM our time but it is only about 5AM their time - lets just say Paige and Chelsea aren't always the happiest to talk to us that early :)

[[ FOUR ]]

Thursday night Timothy and I went out with our best friend Erin for her birthday! Her birthday is this weekend but since we will be at the lake we wanted to do something for her. (PS this is the girl who introduced Timothy and I that I wrote about in this post.) Erin's best friend Jamie also joined us. We went to Outback and enjoyed some good food and a lot of laughs

The three girls after dinner 

With her delicious Aussie Rum drink

[[ FIVE ]]

Did I mention how excited I am to be going to the lake in just a few short hours?!?!? There will be tons of boating, jet skiing, tubing and tanning. My favorite time to be on is lake time!

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