Monday, March 9, 2015

Why My Fitbit Owns Me

So I have a fitbit and I am obsessed. 

If you have a fitbit, let's be friends!

But for real, I am obsessed and I found this article "19 Very Real and Emotional Struggles of Having a Fitbit (Or Does Your Fitbit Have You?)" I totally agree with every point on this list. So let's go through them.

1. You live for the sole purpose of getting it to vibrate

This is true - whenever I start to feel it vibrate I get a little happy. Whoever is with me will know I have reached my 10,000 steps for that day and if no one is with me...I text my fiance and make sure he has been made aware. Also, if I am about 200 steps away from making that little thing vibrate and it is time for bed I will walk around my entire house until it goes off...

2. You get angry if you don't have it on when you walk

The article had it spot on, does it even count if you walk and don't have your fitbit on? I sit at a desk most days, so when I actually do get up to walk around I make sure my fitbit is on, or else I get angry at myself. One day, I was printing checks and was going back and forth from printer to my desk and thought to myself, this is going to get me a lot of steps only to realize I had not taken my fitbit off the charger and it was still charging.

3. Exercise that doesn't involving stepping feels futile

Ever since I got my fitbit I find myself on the treadmill more because it tracks my steps. I hate sometimes getting on the Cybex Cross Trainer, even though it is a great workout, the fitbit doesn't track my movements as well.

4. The happy smile haunts your dreams

My sole goal is to get the little green smiley on my app. Basically it means you completed your daily intake.

5. Fitbit's validation becomes more important than the opinions of human beings

Not sure about this one. But if I make my goal I am a happy lady.

6. You check if more often than you check your email

SO TRUE. I am literally on the app all the time.

7. Charging it is nearly impossible

OMG. I had the biggest trouble trying to get that sucker to charge this morning. There is nothing I can do to ever get it to charge on the first time. 

8. It is not as waterproof as it claims to be

I have yet to even put it on while I was in the shower. I am too scared because what would I do if I lost my fitbit.

9. It is unfashionable as all hell

There are some cute versions but like the article said, they are expensive. I did see a Chevron one at target but can't seem to find it anymore. I WANT IT.

10. You're constantly jumping up and down for seemingly no reason

I have to get my steps. I will reach my goal today. I will exceed my goal today.

11. You have jumping marathons before you go to bed

Refer back to Numero Uno. Can't go to bed being so close to your 10,000 step goal.

12. Everyone always thinks you're crazy and neurotic

Yep, this would refer back to Numero Uno as well...people will know I have reached my goal.

13. And they're RIGHT

I will admit I have gotten a little more crazy since my fitbit epidemic.

14. For some reason, you encourage your friends to join me

I want fitbit friends :) none of my real friends will get a fitbit

15. You're in a not-so-secret battle with friends and co-workers

I want my co-workers to get fitbits. This would be fun!

16. Non Fitbit users 100% don't care about anything you have to say

Yep, they don't want to hear how you exceeded your goal of 10,000 steps and did 21,000 steps..BUT I DO.

17. Your worst enemy is yourself

Once you reach your goal and make record steps in a day, what do you do next? Can you top it? For example, one Sunday I worked out and reached 21,000 steps well the next Sunday I went to workout to try and get the same amount of steps...I didn't even come close. FAILURE.

18. If you stop using it, your Fitbit using friends will shun you

I don't have any real life fitbit friends....

19. Even when you're done with it, you're never really done

I can't imagine not having my fitbit. I love it.

Does your Fitbit own you?

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