Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Raleigh Adventures

Well the work week has begun again and I am back at work from taking a few days off while my best friend from California visited Raleigh. It was a great few days and it was very needed. Pretty much everything we did was planned around our meals - we ate almost every place she wanted to -- Goodberries, Kanki, Bojangles, McAllisters and Fox and Hound.

We had a good time - we enjoyed some beach music at North Hills on Thursday - where Paige finally was able to meet my boyfriend Timmy, Paige was also able to meet my grandma on Friday and we even were able to get some time in with some of our high school friends on Friday night. But my favorite part of her being there was getting my new tattoo in my mother's handwriting and being able to share it with her. I knew I wanted to get something for my mom but I wasn't sure what - and Paige helped me come up with the idea of getting something in her handwriting. So I did some digging and was able to find a card she had written for me back in middle school and it was perfect! I love looking down and seeing the words "I love you" written from my mom. It means so much to me. I loved having Paige here and I can't wait for her to come again in about a month :)

Beach Music

Capturing the first hug!

Friday night