Thursday, August 7, 2014

Picking a Venue

Well I am officially starting to plan a wedding! I have so many different ideas and so many different things I need to get planned I find myself looking at venues, then switching to photographers, then switching to dresses and end up getting nothing accomplished! However, I do have a few venues in mind and have a few appointments set up to tour them! It is a happy and exciting time, I hope I can get it all done!

Here are some of the venues I am going to look at it - now remember I have not gone to look at any of these, these are just my opinions from looking on the web and talking to some people.

Barclay Villa - Angier, NC

What I Love: I love the idea that it is a castle and there is a gorgeous space for an outside wedding and an outside cocktail hour. I picture putting floating flowers and candles in the pool during the cocktail hour.
What I Hate: I have only been here one time for a smaller wedding, and I am not sure exactly how many guests the inside ballroom holds, but I don't like that if the bottom part of the ballroom is full you can sit people upstairs overlooking the floor- I don't know how I feel that if I were to need to seat people up there if I would even want to.

The Hall and Gardens at Landmark - Garner, NC

What I Love: I like the outdoor ceremony and the fact there are some pretty places to take pictures after the wedding.
What I Hate: Not sure about the slanted ceilings and the carpet, maybe a tented outdoor reception?

The Cotton Room - Durham, NC

What I Love: I really like the feel and look to this venue. I feel like I could really make it my own wedding with decorations and use any floor design layout. 
What I Hate: I am not sure if I would have the ceremony here or somewhere else - from what I have seen on the web there doesn't look like to be a big ceremony space, maybe if there was another place for the guests to have cocktail hour - I could have the ceremony in the same room and they would flip the room into reception style while the guests are having cocktails. I have seen it done so it is possible, but not sure if I want to risk it on my wedding day!

Governor's Club - Chapel Hill, NC

What I Love: Ceremony can be inside or outside! And there is a place for the guests to enjoy cocktail hour if ceremony were to be inside while workers change the room. I also like that there are two different locations for ceremony if wedding were outside.
What I Hate: Food prices seem a little pricey, must use their caterer - not a bad thing because it saves me trying to find a caterer but sometimes these prices can be high.

Cobblestone Hall - Raleigh, NC

What I Love: This space reminds me a lot of the Cotton Room in Durham, also in this post, I like feel to the room. There will also be pretty sites to take pictures before reception around downtown Raleigh.
What I Hate: I do not like the space for the ceremony - it just seems very blah to me and I hate those chairs in the picture. 

Carolina Inn - Chapel Hill, NC

What I Love: Love the reception and ceremony areas - I did a wedding here as an Intern and it was absolutely gorgeous!
What I Hate: Haven't found much that I hate here - guess I will need to do a little more research.

I am also looking into MacGregor Downs Country Club, The Grand Ballroom, Pavillion at Angus Barn and Stockroom at 230. 

If any of my readers have any suggestions about any sort of planning a wedding please let me know! I need all the help I can get!!

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