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Bride Q & A: Amye

Hello bloggers! Today I am excited to have Washington, DC based lifestyle blogger Amye here on the blog she is the host of a new Wedding Wednesday linkup so be sure to link up with her! Also if you want to know more about her follow her on social medai: Instagram Twitter Bloglovin.

Wedding | Amye of Mon Amye blog Photo Credit: Kahl Weddings

When did you get married? 
We were married on the midsummer afternoon of Sunday, July 29, 2012. Having a Sunday wedding definitely helped us achieve our vision while staying closer to our budget, and creating a magical experience for our guests. And while we aren't newlyweds any more, I like to think we created a timeless sort of wedding day with a lot of classic style. 

How did you meet/engagement?
My husband and I met during orientation for our Master’s degree program, but it would be more than a year before we actually started dating. We got to be friends first, and I was oblivious to the fact that he was “making moves” - I thought we were just great friends! In time I started to share his feelings, and we fell in love while graduating, moving into our first place and starting work. He popped the question about a year later.

Was the Engagement a surprise? 
Yes, definitely - I would have dressed in a much cuter outfit if I had known! He proposed on a Friday night date, and I almost ruined it by wanting to stay home that night instead. You can read our whole engagement story here: Part 1, and Part 2. 

Wedding | 
Engagement Photo Credit: Meredith Hanafi Photography

  How many bridesmaids did you have? How did you go about asking them?
I had four wonderful bridesmaids. Seriously, I feel so lucky that there was no drama amongst the group at any stage in planning (or at least none that they told me about!) My two best friend’s from graduate school are local so we were able to have dinner together where I shared a heartfelt note to ask them. And I sent a similar note in a sweet card (found on Etsy!) to my two best friends from high school.

Wedding | Photo Credit: Kahl Weddings

  What was your color scheme and why? 
Our wedding colors were ballet pink and grey. I knew I wanted a classic, timeless look for our wedding with soft, neutral colors. Then the bridesmaids found great dresses, only available in that ballet pink color, and we went with it since the color is pretty flattering on everyone. The grey came about since we love the look of mercury glass - it really seemed to suit the venue - and so we went with grey accents and started buying mercury glass for the centerpieces.

What was the biggest challenge about finding your dress?
I suppose the biggest challenge was color - who knew white isn’t just white any more!?! I had a pretty good idea of the ideal shape going into the search, and ultimately saw my dress on a mannequin and knew I had to try it on. It was calling to me! The sample was a (beautiful) apricot/blush color, and so I had to choose white vs. off- white vs. ivory from tiny 1” samples…plus the top, belt and skirt were all different materials…and then they didn’t have availability in certain colors after I ordered. It was nearly a Tulle Tragedy, but luckily it all worked out beautifully. 

Amye's Advice on the Wedding Veil | Wedding Wednesday | Photo Credit: Kahl Weddings

Did you do any DIY projects? 
 We were definitely hands-on preparing for our wedding, but I like to think I also know when to turn to the experts. For example, I tried to DIY the program and in the end turned to a trusted designer friend because stationery design is not my expertise! She made my vision come to life beautifully. We did purchase all of the mercury glass for the table centerpieces, and designed and assembled the table numbers. I DIY’d photo booth props and assembled the programs into fans for guests to use in the afternoon sun.
Wedding | Photo Credit: Kahl Weddings | Program Design: Ribbons & Bluebirds

 What was your favorite item you registered for? 
 What a great question! We were so lucky to receive a lot of beautiful, useful things from family and friends. I do love having a proper tea service (you can see I used it recently in this post about a Winter Tea Menu). Afternoon tea is an Amye favorite! 

  What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
While it was incredibly special to feel truly surrounded by loving friends and family on our wedding day, one of my favorite moments was practicing our first dance in the gazebo and abandoned swimming pool where we took some newlywed photos. It was just us in our favorite, magical spot on the Estate grounds, as the sun was dropping low on our wedding day. I’m pretty sure my husband started humming our song. I probably hushed him while we practiced not tripping on my skirt. Only a moment, but a memorable one for just us. 

Wedding | 
Photo Credit: Kahl Weddings

Did you have any problems with any of your vendors?
Not that I can recall - we worked with some incredible people, and everything turned out well. I suppose our bouquets and flowers didn’t look like the “trial run” I had seen a few weeks prior, but at that point there as no reason to fuss. The flowers were still pretty! 

  What is the best piece of advice for future brides? 
Designate a bridesmaid to gather bouquets/flowers and dry them while you’re honeymooning. There are all kinds of things you can do to preserve them, but not if they’re totally wilted and dead! I had completely forgotten about this but luckily my mom had remembered, and I have some great projects in mind that will be beautiful visual reminders of our wedding day. 

Wedding Bouquets on Mantle | Wedding Wednesday | Photo Credit: Kahl Weddings

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