Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May Goals

Goals, Goals, Goals. I think I did pretty well on my goals for April.
  • Continue with drinking 64oz of water 3x a week
  • Log 45 miles at the gym.
  • Run 15 miles of the 45 miles I log at the gym
  • Lose 2 pounds
  • Get 10,000 steps 4 days a week
  • Cook 2 new dishes - I only cooked 1 new dish....
  • Pick out pictures to go in Gallery Wall
  • Have a date night with Timothy at a restaurant neither of us have tried  We tried Chuy's for the first time during one of our busy weekends and OMG was it amazing!
  • Spend less money than I did in March. I have updated all my bills in and am going to work on my spending habits.- I was so close. I spent just $20 more than I spent last month!

  • Start working on some DIY projects for the wedding
  • Finalize Save the Date cards
  • Pick out suit color for groomsmen
  • Lose 2 pounds
  • Log 45 miles at the gym.
  • Run 15 of those miles.
  • Stick with the Bikini Body Guide
  • Pick out pictures to go in Gallery Wall.
  • Cook 2 new dishes.
  • Try 1 new restaurant for date night
  • Have 1 stay at home date night
  • Get 2 new bathing suits for cruise at the end of the month.
  • Get bathing suit cover-ups for cruise.
  • Spend less money than I did in April.
  • Gather up all guest posts while away on vacation

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Alana Livingston said...

Great job on the goals! I have been forcing myself to drink more water lately because I was nowhere close to the daily recommended amount! haha. Still haven't convinced myself to work out on a regular basis, though...
Also, have you ever tried 30 Day Shred? I did it before my wedding and had great results--I was the smallest I had been since Junior High! haha

Nadine Lynn said...

Looks like you did a good job on your goals for last month and have some great ones for this month too! My gallery wall has been on my goals list for like a year. Why can't I finish it?? Best of luck :)

Jasmine said...

Great post doll. Wedding stuff is a must!!!

Chelsie Carr said...

Great goals, lady! Breaking them down into categories always helps me. I'm working on getting myself to the gym 3 times a week this month; hoping to log a bunch of laps in the pool!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Look at you go at the gym! Awesome work! And yayyy for the upcoming cruise :)