Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Dates Recap

Timothy and I only have a few more months until we are Mr. & Mrs. and we struggle sometimes to find time for just us two, so we are both putting more effort to go out on dates and spend more quality time together. 

Hiking Dates
Clearly, we enjoy hiking since this was also one of our dates we had in July. Or maybe we have so many hiking dates because we are training for a 20+ mile hike in October...I think that is the reason :) But anyways, our hikes are slowly getting more enjoyable...especially the long ones. The first day in August we went on a 7 mile hike at Raven Rock...nothing is better than bonding when you are tired and slightly annoyed with one another because you don't want to hike anymore. But I am slowly starting to appreciate how much it is helping our relationship grow.

Mid-August, we went on a smaller hike. We only did about 5 miles. But for some reason that hike killed me!

Birthday Date
This was such a wonderful day! My birthday was August 3 and it fell on a Monday...who wants to go to work on a Monday and a especially a Monday that your birthday falls on. Well, not this girl. Timothy and I played hookie and I loved every minute of it. We made a whole day date out of it. We started off at lunch at Groucho's, then went shopping at Lilly and the mall, then had some cocktails at Kickback Jack's, then met my dad and sister for mexican for dinner, then ended the night with a few more drinks at the Ale House.

Game Night
Timothy and I have a pretty typical after work routine every day. I will either go to the gym or workout at home, and he will go do some work around the house or just relax on our porch, then we eat dinner and then go upstairs and watch Netflix until we fall asleep. I really don't like doing too much stuff after work during the work week because I know if I am not asleep by a decent time I will be cranky and exhausted at work the next day..so we tend to stay at home Monday-Thursday. With that being said Timothy and I have been thinking of new ways to still stay at home and get to be at a decent time but do things other than our normal routine. 

One Tuesday night we had Game Night. We had fun and spent time together besides eating dinner and then watching TV. We played Guess Who and of course Timmy won.

Durham Bulls Game
I have been wanting to go to a baseball game all summer and we finally got to go to one a few weeks ago. We went with Timothys best man and his dad and brother. Timothy and I love going to baseball games, well I did up until this one. We love getting the over priced beer and the peanuts and the atmosphere there. The Bulls were doing pretty well at the beginning thought they were going to kill them, but then the other team caught up and then tied the game throughout the entire game. They played 14 innings...to say the least Timmy and I was ready to go home when they stopped serving beer at the top of the 8th. But we didn,t we stuck it out and were at the 13th inning..Timmy and I had moved out of our seats and were sitting at some bleachers at the top to wait for our other people we came with. And then I got hit in the shin with a foul ball. I am not a huge fan of baseball at this moment.

Luckily the faint outline of the bruise in this picture was the most bruising I got from this, but it is sore!

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