Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bachelor Season 20: Week One

Last night we welcomed the gorgeous Ben Higgins as the new Bachelor! I personally loved Ben on Kaitlyn's season and was so excited when I found out he was going to be the next Bachelor. Last night was nothing short of what would be expected on the premiere of the new season. There were thought out introductions, crying and even a little drama. I don't think I am alone in saying that there are some crazy girls on there this season, just like every season. I am excited to see what happens this season!

+ Twin twist. Why in the world would these girls go on The Bachelor together? I would think this could cause some family drama in the future.

+ Caila she may be crazy for dumping her boyfriend after seeing Ben on Kaitlyn's season but I absolutely love her personality! And she is just so cute! Her dress also may have persuaded me as well.

+ Lace was very bold to be the first to kiss him right when she stepped out of the limo. I wouldn't have the guts to do that but then she wanted a redo of the kiss and Ben totally denied her. She was also annoying sitting in the mansion sipping her wine and judging everyone on their looks. It is night one and she is already getting upset with Ben for not looking at her one single time during the rose ceremony..shut up...you got a rose.

+Tiara...the chicken enthusiast. I'm sorry but if you need to think about leaving your chickens or coming on a TV show to find love...you are crazy. And she let's one of her chickens sleep in her bed.

+Mandi showed up with a giant rose on her head. That speaks for itself. And if that wasn't enough for you...she pulled him away and did a thorough inspection of his teeth.

+Becca. OMG. I loved her on Chris' season and I am so glad she is back. She deserves to find love and I am rooting for her!

+Amber also returned...things are going to get juicy!

+Olivia was the lucky gal to receive the first impression rose. But I am not a huge fan of her only because the first thing that came out of her mouth is that a month ago she was a news anchor and now she isn't because she quit her job to come on the show. In my opinion in kind of seemed like she was trying to get pity...but maybe that's just me.

+ Sam was another one of my favorites. She didn't really stand out to me but as soon as I saw her walk out of the limo I just instantly liked her. 

This season will definitely prove to be fifty shades of crazy as Caila said.

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Not A Mom said...

This season should be interesting! I am with you that I am team Becca all the way! I thought he had a good connection with Jessica but then she didn't even make it past the first night so apparently I would not be a good matchmaker ha!
Linds @ Not A Mom

Christina Lea Loves said...

Love Ben - I think he's a fantastic choice and I'm obsessed with Becca! Everyone else I don't know their names yet haha.