Monday, April 25, 2016

52 Week Blogger Challenge { Week 17: Becoming A Better You }

WEEK SEVENTEEN: Becoming a Better You

I am still learning the wifely duties, I am always striving to be the best wife I can be to my wonderful and loving husband. But sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I forget to thank him for the little things. So since we have only been married for 5 months I am still learning the ropes of being a wife and I assume I will be constantly learning how to be a better wife years and years into the future. But right now here are some of the things I am trying to do to become a better wife.

  • Ask him how his day was at work
  • Give him his Timmy time
  • Respect him
  • Let the little things go
  • Pray for him
  • Do activities he likes to do
  • Don't nag as often
  • Encourage him
  • Tell him I love him everyday

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Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

I absolutely love this girl! Wife duties are no joke! I try everyday to get better.

Emily @ Life Below the Mason Dixon said...

"Let the little things go".....

So hard! Those crumbs on the counter always get me :) Thanks for reminding me I'm not alone in this.

Stephanie Chalk said...

I always have to remind myself to let the little things go, it isn't easy at times but it is totally worth it! Xo, Stephanie