Friday, September 2, 2016

Role Call {Vol. 3}

Another week, another question!

What has been your favorite hair color you have had?

Like I said last week, college was a time for experimenting with piercings and hair color. My freshman year I went through so many boxes of hair dye it was ridiculous!

The beginning of freshman year I died the under layers of my hair pink for breast cancer, $150 and 2 weeks later it was already gone. You can somewhat see it in this picture.

Then I wanted a change. So I went brown.

Next there was no turning back for me...I went black. Yes blonde hair blue eyes me, went black.

My entire family hated it. I wish I had listened because I kept it for a few months. Then realized I wanted my blonde hair back, but soon realized it wasn't going to be that simple. So I started the very long process of getting my hair back to blonde. So I ended up with this brown with blonde highlights for awhile.

Until finally I got my blonde hair back. 

Recently I went a little darker, you can't tell much but I love it and I think it is my favorite!

Now your turn! Let me know in the comments!

What has been your favorite hair color you have had?

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Erika Powell said...

true life: I have never colored my hair. I just never felt the need for some reason.

Jennifer L | Modern Chic said...

I think I've loved my natural hair color. I've had red and that was fun for a bit. And then ombre. But my natural hair color is definitely my favorite. It's light brown with hints of caramel, blond, and a slight red tint.

Dollhouse Goddesses said...

Dani enjoys her dark hair and Caitlin is forever blonde. Sometimes CC adds some rainbow or pink but otherwise blonde and brunette is what we stick with.