Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {Bouquet & Garter Toss}

Now you can't skip the bouquet or garter toss at a wedding, they are one of the best parts! Seeing them in person is pretty funny, but the pictures are 100 times funnier! 

First up, the bouquet toss! It was so funny to see the girls line up and get ready! I didn't even know who was trying to catch it until I turned around! 

The boys telling the girls to get ready!

And my longtime best friend ended up catching it! 

Days before the wedding I asked Timmy if he was going to dance during the garter toss or do anything fun and he said no and he was serious. So when it came time for the garter toss and he started dancing I was shocked and was so nervous of what he was going to do next...this man went up my dress and grabbed my garter with his teeth....UMMM awkward! But you gotta love him!

He is like...What??? I had to get it somehow...

 And look who got it...Jason! The boyfriend of Rachel!!!

FYI: As of right now the two are not engaged! But we are hoping soon!!

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next week: dancing

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