Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Currently November

So I haven't a clue where November went, it seemed like just the other day I was laying out by the pool enjoying the summer. But November is ending and December starts tomorrow, can you believe it!!

November has been a busy month but here is what I have been up to!

Watching I have been going back and forth between American Horror Story and Orange is the New Black. AHS is something I would have never expected to like but I am addicted and can't stop watching! I am on the 3rd season. Has anyone else watched this?

Drinking lots of water! I am working out a lot more and so I am trying to drink more water than I am used to.

Reading the second book in the series The Wedding Belles and I am moving very slow. Not because I don't like it but because I just haven't found much time to read.

Loving that it is finally starting to look like Christmas everywhere! We decorated our tree last night and put the candles in the window and it looks so Christmas-y!

Excited for another visit from my grandma! She came to town a few weeks ago to stay with my sister while my dad was out of town and she is back for the next few days! So taco tuesday is taking place on Wednesday with my grandma!

Slakcing on blog posts from last week, I haven't really been keeping up with my blog reading lately so I have a lot to read on!

Dreading to start packing for our cruise! We leave in like 10 days and I have no idea what I am going to pack! I will probably slowly start packing next Wednesday!

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