Friday, November 11, 2016

{ Stephenson 2016 Fall Bucket List // Corn Maze }

Last year Timmy and I did  Ken's Korny Corn Maze for the first time and it was at night. This time we decided to do it during the day and it was a lot easier! Last year I think it took us a little closer to an hour and this year we were able to do it in about 30 minutes!

I don't really know if I enjoyed it better at night or during the day, but I will say the day time corn maze was a lot easier! But it was also easier because when Hurricane Matthew came through a few weeks ago it damaged a lot of the corn so it wasn't really thick or tall.

Throughout the corn maze we were able to see through the corn and at times see the next letter we had to get, but it wasn't always that easy to get there! But I think we did well, we didn't get lost and we finished it super fast we thought!

Overall, it was a blast! I love doing things like this and I am so glad Timmy puts up with them and does them with me! 

Have you ever gotten lost in a corn maze?

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Jessica J said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time! I have always wanted to do a corn maze!
xo Jessica

Anna said...

Corn maizes are hard! the first time I did one it was dark and rainy, not pleasant at all. But the second time it was daylight and it was easy to cheat and look above the maze to where everyone went.

Leslie Soto said...

I love doing corn mazes. We haven't done one in about 4 years but I think it would be a blast to get my son and hubby and go do one again. I can totally see making a race out of it, too!

Rachel said...

I love corn mazes--they're so much fun, one of my favorite things about fall! I kind of like it when we actually get lost in one, haha!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Corn mazes are so fun! I have definitely gotten lost! They are much harder at night.