Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hello 27 { Birthday Party }

And we have finally come to the final birthday post - all about my birthday party at The Gutter with my closest friends! 

We started the day off with a pool party at my dads house. Ever since my dad had the pool built at his house we have spent most of our weekends lounging over there. So it was the perfect place to start my birthday party!

After a long day at the pool we continued the birthday celebration back at my house with pizza and hanging out at the gutter! It was the perfect end to a perfect birthday party! I got to see almost all of my closest friends and really felt the love! My friend, Whitney, even made a Margarita cake! It was delicious!!

Turning 27 wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be! So thankful for all my friends and family that helped me celebrate!!

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Alyssa Zapinski said...

Your cake is adorable!! I love the little umbrellas! Happy (late) Birthday! :)

Beauty By Gaby said...

Birthdays are my favorite, I love to celebrate with friends and family too. I love the umbrellas on the cake. My birthday is this Saturday but I am flying out to California Sunday at 6am so I will celebrate tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us :)

Rachel RItlop said...

Awe how fantastic! Happy belated Birthday!

Melissa Weaver said...

Looks like a fun day! Happy belated birthday! Did the cake taste like a margarita? Lol

Ashley Stephenson said...

It did! From what my friend told me I think it had a 5th of tequila in it - obviously it cooked out but the icing was also margarita flavored! It was so good!

La Belle Sirene said...

Happy birthday beautiful!! It looks like you celebrated in the absolute best way!!