Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Most Memorable Birthday

I have celebrated 26 birthdays and TOMORROW year will make birthday number 27. But I think my most memorable birthday would definitely have to be my 21st birthday. Because come on, who doesn't love their 21st birthday!

It was the first birthday I celebrated with Timmy and it was kind of the start of having all my birthdays at The Gutter. I remember it was on a weekday because Timmy had to work. I remember being so bummed he wasn't going to get to spend the day with me; but I had plans with some other friends to hang out by the pool.

I had planned on sleeping in, but I got a surprise text from Timmy telling me to wake up and to come unlock the front door. He was there with breakfast and his swimsuit on! I was so excited! After I realized he called out of work and the liquor store was open we headed to the store. I made my first legal purchase of some kind of liquor, probably Burnettes, and started to pull out of the ABC store when a work truck crashed into a car and caused a lot of damage and tools flying everywhere. I remember calling 911 and Timmy rushing to the car that got hit. After that whole ordeal it was finally time to go home and start my birthday!

We spent all day by the pool with Timmy as our personal drink maker, we sipped on daiquiris all day! After the pool we all got ready and headed to Mexican then back to the house to get the party started! I had so much with everyone who celebrated my 21st birthday!

We danced the night away and may have had a few too many budlights.

Timmy was a really new boyfriend so my dad was just meeting him for the 2nd or 3rd time. So my dad said he would give Timmy tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert if he swam the length of the pond. Well he did and we went to that concert!

This was definitely a birthday I will never forget! 

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