Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June Goals + May Recap

With going to Mexico the first week in May and then being sick the second week of May, I was not productive at all this month. 

  • Close out all 3 rings on Apple Watch for 20 days of the month

  • Go to Burn Boot Camp at least 1 Saturday this month

  • Take body measurements

  • Schedule blog posts for June

  • Plan Dad's 50th Birthday Party

But June is a new month, so I am really going to try and complete all my goals!
  • Take body measurements

  • Go on at least 2 walks after work per week

  • Go on an ice cream date with Timothy

  • Go to Burn 3x per week

  • Plan ahead 5 posts for July
I am keeping this month's goals simple because as you can see these last few months haven't gone too well. 

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Monica L said...

An ice cream date sounds like a perfect goal to me!

Cait Elisabeth said...

walks have become my new favorite thing to do especially after a long day! i put on a podcast and just relax for a little bit! great goals this month friend!

Katie Werthmann said...

What do you use to schedule? And happy birthday dad!!
My may was buts, too. a solo trip to europe, come hom and work a week, then a long weekend in DC and then the next weekend long weekend up north! May was quite a time! I missed a lot, too!

Emily Avdem said...

Such a good idea! I need to get more intentional with my goals and do it more often!

Jenny said...

Good luck with your goals this month, girl! You've got this.

Indya | The Small Adventurer said...

Wow, so many health and fitness goals! You go girl. Hope you achieve them all!

Kaia Luxe said...

Good for you for setting personal goals each month! A lot of people don’t plan out there days, let alone month. You sound dedicated. People who set goals are more likely to achieve them than those who don’t.