Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cruising the Caribbean Part 2

So last week I shared with you all my first few days of my cruise in my recap Part 1. Today I am here with Part 2. We left off at Day 3, our first cruising day. But what I forgot to tell you is that when I woke up on Day 2 morning I woke up with my throat swollen and my nose stuffy...turns out I was allergic to the sheets or the detergent the cruise ship used...not a fun thing. 

{ DAY FOUR - St. Thomas }
On the fourth day we woke up and were still cruising. So Caro and I got in a work out (I think this was the 4th time we worked out on the cruise ship, but I think it was also the last time I did), got ready and ate lunch before we got off the ship. We were docked so we were able to just walk off the ship onto the port. Luckily, our balcony looked over the ocean side so we had a gorgeous view.

 When we first got there it was just a whole bunch of touristy shops and a few jeweler shops...not much to see right at the port. So we waited for the rest of our family to get off the ship and headed into downtown. If you aren't familiar with St. Thomas, St. Thomas is known for their jewelry shops and great prices. So that day we were on a mission. A mission to spend a lot of money on some gorgeous jewelry and we did! My grandparents wanted to get my sister and I something special to remember the cruise and then with my moms passing, her estate will be coming to my sister and I in the near future and they wanted us to get something nice using some of the money from my moms estate. My sister and I both picked out gorgeous David Yurman rings. She got a blue topaz ring and I got an amethyst ring. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them..our grandparents have them right now. So after we spent more than enough money and time in the jewelry stores we just wandered downtown St. Thomas. 

My grandmother didn't really know what to think of the selfie stick. After we had spent all afternoon walking around (I think I hit almost 18,000 steps that day on my fitbit) we boarded the ship and got ready for dinner.

{ DAY FIVE - St. Maarten }
It was still weird to me waking up in a new place. The night before we went to bed sailing and then the next morning we were docked and had arrived to St. Maarten. I was so excited to go here...I wanted to go watch the planes come in, I wanted to find the nude beach, we were going to eat lunch on the island and get some good shopping in. Well we only accomplished 2 of those things. 

When we first got into St. Maarten, I knew we had been there before with my mom on another cruise back when I was in high school. And I knew my sister and Mom had taken some photo there that I wanted to re-create for my sister..but I couldn't remember exactly what it was but I thought it was at the St. Maarten welcome sign but I just found the picture and it was at the bar across from the St. Maarten sign, but at least I tried. The first picture was taken in I believe in 2007 and the one below it was this past cruise in 2015.

When we got to St. Maarten we immediately fell in love. It was such a cute little area. We were on the Dutch side when we entered into port, of course when we got there we wanted to go where the good shops were so you could either take a water taxi and get there in about 5 minutes or you could walk for about 10 minutes - we walked because we wanted to take in some of the pretty sights but there was nothing pretty about walking on a sidewalk next to a busy road and it was HOT. But we also didn't waste $7/per person for the water taxi and we got in some exercise.  When we got there we saw so many cute shops and little restaurants and we starting keeping an eye out for where we wanted to eat. We needed AC and we wanted good food. So we went to The Greenhouse - it didn't have AC but it was completely open and they had fans, so it was cool. I enjoyed the food and I had my first and last alcoholic drink of the entire trip..it was a sober trip with my family.

After we were stuffed we did some shopping and walking around. We found the cutest little beach cove and the picture turned out amazing. I think it is one of my favorite pictures of the entire trip.

After we shopped and saw a lot of things we wanted I left empty handed and my sister bought some really cute Marc Jacobs sunglasses. We got back on the ship and got ready for dinner. That night we went to see the Ice Skaters on the ships show and oh my goodness they were so good. Of course a little cheesy but I wish they had performed more shows while we were there!

{ DAY SIX - Cruising }
This was our first day headed back to Florida. It was a beautiful day. Caro and I got up early went and reserved our chairs, even though we weren't supposed to, quickly ate breakfast and was in our chairs laying out with the sun beaming by 8:45am...just in time to watch everyone embarrass themselves doing Zumba on the pool deck. We laid out almost the entire day and it was glorious..so relaxing. 

Day 6 was also our last formal night and it also so happened to by my grandpa's 80th birthday! We also celebrated my grandmothers because her birthday is the same day as the day my mother passed away so we do not like to celebrate it on that day. I kept telling my grandparents I had a big surprise for them and they were worried. Remember when I told you all about the family birthday hat? Well if you are thinking that is what my surprise was for them you are right! They couldn't believe I had brought it with me and they had no idea. I even think I saw my grandparents get a little emotional when they saw it because it was always something my mom was in charge of and she forced everyone to wear it and I helped make their night special with this hat.

That night after dinner Caroline and I went and watch the game show that they had going on in the Star Lounge- Friendly Feud. It was funny, but I really wish Caroline had been picked to go up there! That night we also tried to watch another movie by the pool, but I once again couldn't last and had to go to bed.

{ DAY SEVEN - Cruising }
Our last day :( and it was the worst one. It was rainy (just sprinkles) and cloudy and very very windy! We attempted to lay out in the morning but we just looked ridiculous and were freezing. So around lunch time we left, got some lunch and then wandered around trying to find something to do. There wasn't many things on the ship that day to do that interested us. So I decided to go back to the room and take a nap. I knew I would need one if I was going to drive 10 hours the next day. Our last dinner was delicious as always and we said goodbye to our wait staff who we grew to know so well! And Caroline and I walked around the ship and sat by the pool and packed until it was time for the final show. The show the last night was the best yet, it was a comedian named Al Ducharme and he was amazing. I have never seen my grandpa laugh so much. I have looked him up on You Tube and have loved watching his clips. 

I had so much fun with my family on this cruise and it was so much fun bonding with my sister the entire week...it was almost like a sister cruise because we were with my other family so little. If anyone is thinking on going on a cruise, I would suggest Royal Caribbean! It was so much fun! Caroline and I already are wanting to plan a shorter one with me and Timmy!

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Jasmine said...

You definitely had fun from what I can see. It sucks that the weather wasn't fun on your last day but hopefully you were able to at least get some rest.

Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

What a special trip to have with your grandparents. St. M look amazing and I can't wait to see that ring :)

Shann Eva said...

The sky and water look so amazing. I'm so jealous of your trip! Your Grandpa is adorable. Happy Birthday to him!

Heather Serra said...

Great pictures! I totally pinned this post as somewhere I need to go one day. Your grandparents rock! So glad ya'll had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

So happy to hear you love your cruise!! Beautiful pictures & such an amazing experience to have with your grandparents!! You have a beautiful family

Lindsay Gilbert said...

So fun! Looks like you had a great time!!

Nadine Lynn said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! I really want to be on the beach bad, right now!! Any will do! Haha!

Britney Mills said...

Wow, what a fun cruise! I want to go on one so bad!

Angelica said...

Wow! That first picture looks like something out of one of my dreams! Stunning! I hope you have a wonderful time.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

What a fabulous week! And yayyy for cruising in a balcony room...only way to go :)

Visualize Authenticity said...

it seem you had so much fun the drinks looked amazing and everything else..thanks for sharing

Jessica Doll @ Team Wiking said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I really thought the jewelry buying part was sweet. This trip must have meant the world to you two.

Jessica / www.teamwiking.com

Laura Darling said...

These pictures are gorgeous! So glad you had a fun time on your cruise! I bet spending that much time with family was so special!