Thursday, September 28, 2017

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Who else loves their coffee and isn't willing to give it up in order to have whiter teeth? If you answered yes, then this post is the post for you! Even if you aren't an avid coffee drinker I would still continue reading because this post is for anyone and everyone who wants whiter teeth without having to go to the dentist! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own. 

My morning coffee is something I look forward to every morning; it gets me through my work days and wakes me up and it isn't something I see giving up until I am pregnant. Although I love my coffee, I really don't like how it yellows my teeth. And that is where Smile Brilliant comes in; when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try out their teeth whitening kit I was so excited to try it! I had tried white strips in the past, but really didn't see much of a difference in color and I didn't like the application - the strips were always sliding off and I didn't like the feel of my teeth after I took them off.

Smile Brilliant was so easy to use, affordable and the best part you could do it in the comfort of your own home! No trying to fit in a dentist appointment during your lunch break, no waiting in the waiting room for your name to be called, just whenever you wanted during the day!

Want to know exactly how Smile Brilliant works? Well, I answered some questions and then before I knew it my kit was waiting on my front porch! I made teeth molds at my house and sent them back in a paid for envelope. About a week later my trays were here! I was ready to start the teeth whitening process!

I whitened my teeth every day and quickly saw my teeth getting whiter and whiter! When I was reading about the process and how everything works, Smile Brilliant did say there may be some irritation, and I did have some so I stopped whitening for about 2 days once it healed I started again. No irritation the second time! I continued my whitening every day and at day 14 I saw great results! I couldn't believe how easy it was to get whiter teeth! To maintain your pearly whites they suggest doing an application once per month.

So are you convinced yet? I know it may be a little worrisome to spend money on a teeth whitening program when there are so many other companies that say they are going to give you results, trust me I was hesitant to. I was expecting a little color change, but nothing close to what I got! By day 5 my best friend was telling me she could tell a difference in my teeth and I was like "whoa, really? I still have 10 more days!" This is a product I will certainly continue using and may even try and convince my husband to try it! Even if you are busy, you can find time for this. Heck I put my trays in after dinner before my nightly walks with the pup! Yea it made talking a tad difficult and made you have a lisp but it was doable!

Smile Brilliant suggests doing the process for 45 minutes - 3 hours depending on your sensitivity, if you have sensitive teeth they send a desensitizing gel as well, before bed but if you are like me there may be nights where you don't have time, but not to worry you can still get whiter teeth by doing it anytime during the day. Yes, doing it at night when you won't introduce any food or drinks that may cause stains will give you better results, but don't turn away the product because it won't fit in your schedule the way they suggest. I did most of mine at night before bed, but there were a good amount of applications I did in the morning while getting ready for work or on weekends while binge watching netflix with the hubby!

If you are looking for an easy and affordable teeth whitening product I would highly suggest trying Smile Brilliant! If you do end up trying Smile Brilliant let me know! I would love to see my blogger friends' results!!



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The Haunted Housewife said...

I have this kit! Smile Brilliant is hands down the BEST whitening system I’ve ever used.... and I’ve used a lot. I’m happy to see you’ve enjoyed it too!

Unknown said...

What a transformation! Love the before and after pics. I've never heard of Smile Brilliant but I'll definitely be checking them out now!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Wow! I can definitely see the difference! And it's great it's so affordable! I am with you on the coffee, can't live without it.
The Beth Next Door

Shann Eva said...

Your teeth look fantastic! I really need to whiten my teeth, but they always feel terrible when I use those strips. It's good to hear after you tried it the second time, you had no issues. I'd probably go for the sensativity help too.

Kay R. said...

Definitely a difference and so affordable. Thanks for sharing!

sabrina said...

I'm in the same boat. Love my coffee but not the yellow teeth. Thanks for introducing me to Smile Brilliant!

Kuleigh said...

Your results look great! I've been using Smile Brilliant lately and I noticed results after the first try! I'm getting ready to do a little touch up this weekend.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a difference! My teeth could use a whitening!

K said...

I have used at home teeth whitening products before but never this one. I'll have to give it a go at some point!

Dr. K. Lee Banks said...

Wow, that's an impressive transformation! I definitely could use this product. Years of drinking tea has really yellowed my teeth.

Helen said...

I am currently in the middle of using these too! I love them so far and your teeth look amazing!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! That's impressive! I've done strips before but I usually only get halfway through the process. This look like a quality product!

scaleitsimple said...

Very nice! I have been a little nervous about using them lately because of the chemicals and whatnot. But this one seems pretty good!

Smile Maker said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This was just wonderful to see the step by step process you went through for your teeth whitening. Have a great rest of your day and keep up these informative posts.
Dentist Northeast Philadelphia