Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bride-to-Be Q & A: Sarah

Good morning!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! Today we have Sarah from Coffee&Glitter on the blog today telling us all about her upcoming wedding!!

When is your wedding?
We are getting married on March 12, 2016-and yes, I have three countdowns going. one in my planner, one on the bathroom mirror and one on my phone! 

How did he pop the question?
John and I were in Arizona visiting his oldest younger brother and we decided to go to the Grand Canyon-to my surprise, John and Owen had schemed and planned for two months to go all along and picked the perfect place for this picture perfect proposal. We were walking along taking tons of pictures and the "code phrase" between the boys was for John to ask to take a picture-because I am picture crazy and ask every five seconds. So, we get super far out on this gorgeous ledge and as Owen is taking the picture, I hear John say "well, Sarah, the real reason we are so far out on this ledge and at the Grand Canyon today is for me to..." and then he got down on one knee and I melted! 

Where is your wedding?
at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club in Bradenton, FL 

How did you choose your venue?
My parents have lived in this community since I was 14. I grew up looking at the back of the country club and always dreamed of getting married there. Fast forward to seven years later, John actually proposed the idea of us getting married there and I immediately said yes. 

What made you fall in love with your venue?
there is this g o r g e o u s winding stairwell at the back where we are getting married that is just absolutely breathtaking-and it is where I will be making my grand entrance. 

What is your favorite item on your registry?
the kitchen aid mixer that basically every girl dreams about.

Who has been the most helpful person during the wedding planning process?
John for sure. I tend to get worked up easily because I pile all of the tasks on myself and try to get through them all at once but he is my saving grace. He stops me and has me take deep breaths and makes me realize that I don't have to do it all that day. 

What has been your favorite part about the wedding planning process?
cake tasting! holy lord! we tasted a ton of different cake flavors with 20 different frosting combos.

How do you feel about bridal showers?
I was actually not really for having one but my mom, mother in law to be, grammie, and bridal party were all hell bent on me having one so, I will be! I am definitely coming around to the idea of having one! 

How often do you clean your ring?
So, John bought me a ring cleaner which I use twice a week and then every time I go to the mall and walk past the place J bought my ring, I stop in so.. a lot. #noshameinmygame! 

What are your wedding colors?
grey, dark purple, and light purple! 

What are you most excited about on your wedding day, besides marrying your best friend!
Seeing all the family and friends that are coming in to be apart of such a special day. 

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Not A Mom said...

Fun post to learn more about my engaged blogger friends! Those colors sound gorgeous for that time of year especially!
Linds @ Not A Mom

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

I love Sarah! Also I can't wait to see her wedding color theme. Sounds beautiful.