Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bridesmaid Dresses

Remember that thing I did at the very beginning of the year, go bridesmaid dress shopping? It seems so long ago and I realized I never fully dedicated a post to the dresses my girls picked out.

From the very beginning of the engagement I knew I didn't want all my girls to be wearing the exact same dress. I wanted a more modern take on the bridesmaid look and wanted everyone to be happy with the dress they were going to be wearing. So I just had a few requests - the dress had to be the same color Navy, it had to be floor length and it had to be Chiffon. Luckily almost everyone ended up picking out Bill Levkoff dresses and loved them!

Some girls picked one shoulder, some picked halter and some picked strapless. I love the look of all the different styles!

PS. 10 days away from the wedding!!

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Caitlin Childs said...
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Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Ooh they're so pretty! You're an awesome bride for giving them that much choice! In theory I'd like to do that but I think my OCD side will take over in the end haha. Your wedding is so close, so exciting!

Not A Mom said...

I did different bridesmaids dresses too! It's the one thing I decided on before getting engaged that I actually kept up with, I think it looks so great in pictures and really shows everyone's personality. It's getting close, girl!
Linds @ Not A Mom

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

I love that. I definitely want to give options to my bridesmaids to make sure that the dresses are flattering for all of their body types.

Leena Roy said...

The real perfect dress!!

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Ruby Fountain said...

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