Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How To Accessorize for a Winter Wedding

When I think about all the reasons I adore winter weddings, I go back to all the songs written like “Baby, its cold outside” and images of carriage rides in the snow. It’s such a romantic time and everyone is gathered for the holidays so the family is in a great mood and hopefully close by visiting. I had even considered a winter wedding myself but coordinating everyone’s schedule and not wanting to wait any longer to marry the love of my life, we married in the summer. One of the best things about winter weddings is the money you can save on church decorations because they are already done for the holidays. Even if you chose a non-church venue, hotels and such always have their décor up too. The thing that a winter wedding seemed to miss out on the most was the lack of ways a Bride could still look glamourous and not be hiding under 20 layers of clothing. I mean, half the reason we choose a beautiful dress is so we can show it off! Well ladies, I have just the things for you this winter season! 

1. Don’t be afraid of wearing sleeves!

Ok, So I am referring to the lace kind that still keeps your look feminine and glam. There is something called Cap Sleeves and these can also add a touch of winter. They add them to any strapless dress and viola! Now your dress has more to it and it doesn’t look like you accidently bought a dress for the wrong season. Think about Grace Kelly and currently, Princess Kate. Both of them had lace sleeves and looked stunning! This is a classic look that will never go out of style. 

2. Wear some gloves!

Think gloves are out of style? Think again! Long gloves can be a more opaque see-through look and 
compliment any wedding gown. All the old Hollywood ladies wore them and you can also look like 
Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O’. There are also short gloves that can go with any dress. They have lace and ones with pearls on them. Almost any design you can imagine is out there to fit your style. By finding some unique ones, think about how you will stand out on your big day. Sometimes the best style is the one you come up with yourself, not what everyone else is doing! I say that because I admit, I haven’t seen a lot of girls wearing gloves lately, but I think they add a simply magical element to your wedding ensemble if you find the right ones. If I was getting married this winter, I definitely found some beautiful ones I would wear! 

3. Opt for wedding boots!

Check out these boots! These are so vintage/classic and yet they cover your toes for some reception 
time dancing without the winter chill. Booties are also huge this year and finding some that aren’t 
labeled “bridal” but still go with your dress is easily doable. I personally did not wear “bridal” shoes. 
They seemed to hurt my feet just by trying them on and then the price was marked up just because of 
being in the wedding section. No thanks! Step out of your comfort zone and go for what makes you feel pretty and comfortable. While you can wear strappy sandals of some kind, there are much better 
options to be found and you may even keep a toe from getting frost bit. 

4. Wear a hat or fascinator!

Hats are back and in a big way. What better way to indulge in this trend than to find something for your wedding day! You can always have your veil attached and make it part of it. For any modern bride, a birdcage veil with a side fascinator is all the rage. This also can serve as something to keep your head warm if you are going to be in a much cooler environment. Wear the hat in and out but replace it with your veil for the aisle. Win. Win. This particular shop I went to for this photo shoot, The Timeless Bride,actually had veils, hats, and fascinators from the 1920s! How cool is that?! If you have a heart for vintage style, you should call them and ask about their collection to get you ready for the big day!

5. The wedding robe!

I refuse to call this a jacket because, well, it’s more like a beautiful snow goddess robe! I fell in love with this the first time I saw it and suddenly wished I had an upcoming wedding. I absolutely love a bride that wears a white robe with the fur lined hood and sleeves. It just adds so much elegance to finish off the wedding ensemble with class. I mean, who wants to spend all that money on a beautiful dress just be to be covered up by your borrowed  cousins’ Carhartt jacket?!? Please, no. This one was only $150 and I know there are several short Capulet coats as well that are also affordable. Any queen has to wear her robe! 

6. The hand muff

Remember when every Christmas movie you saw had a women in a fur coat and her hands in a fur 
muff?? Well ladies, the muff is BACK! Etsy has all kinds of adorable faux fur muffs that you can get in the color of your dress. (White, ivory, cream, etc.) If you are going to wear your robe, a muff will absolutely complete your look. In addition, many of them also have a wallet inside them so you would be carrying less stuff around too. Keep your hands warm, keep your lipstick handy…trust me, a married man likes some warm hands.      



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Picture Credits: Amanda Wolford and Jessica Howard