Monday, July 4, 2016

Book Review { Bon Bons to Yoga Pants }

Synopsis:  Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. 
Unfortunately, that's where it seemed to stop. She's grown up hearing her Mother constantly remind her that she needs to lose weight. And twenty-three-year-old Lexie knows she’s overweight.
With her younger sister's wedding on the horizon and a crush to stalk on Facebook, Lexie's had enough. She gives up her constant daydreams about food and joins a dieting group. As the pounds melt away at the gym, she finds that life on the other side of junk food isn't what she thought. 
Bon Bons to Yoga Pants is an inspirational hit about a girl coming to terms with herself, and her past, all while navigating a world of food and fitness.

I actually really enjoyed this book and it really was easy to relate to Lexie, the main character. I may not be a 259 pound girl but I really connected with Lexie on some feelings she had about her weight. Majority of us are always trying to lose weight and it is typically for a special occasion or to get ready for summer and bikini time. Lexie starts her journey of weight loss because she is meeting the man of her dreams six months down the road and she wants to be slender and beautiful; the thing she doesn't realize at first is that she is beautiful. I am guilty of wanting to shred a few pounds before a wedding or before the summer and then if I reach my goal I end up putting those few pounds back. For example, before my  wedding I lost a lot of weight and after the wedding I gained it all back. Lexie is on her own journey of making herself happy, throughout the story she realizes that she doesn't need to lose weight for a guy but for herself; she has to make herself happy and do it for own sake. 

I think a lot of girls can really relate to this book in a way you might not expect. After reading this book it really motivated me to want to work out because I want to not for an event.

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