Tuesday, July 19, 2016

OCD Habits

OCD Habits

Everyone has their weird OCD habits and I fall right along with the others. I have a lot of weird OCD habits (just like you I am sure). 

The TV volume has to be on an even number. Don't even joke around and put that on volume 9; it has to be on either 8 or 10. Timmy still doesn't get it, when we go to bed he ALWAYS turns the volume down to 9 and I always have to change it. 

Taking me to ANY restaurant is going to be iffy...none of my foods can touch. Try taking me to a japanese hibachi style restaurant. I will literally push all my rice to one side hold my fork between the empty space and the rice while they are putting the meat on my plate. 

Movies are almost impossible for me to sit through at the theater...but a movie at home I won't ever get up. I go to the bathroom before we walk in, then I find my seat go to the bathroom again come back wait until the previews are almost over and go to the bathroom again. I don't know why that is.

Dishes in the sink are a big no no. I can't stand it when the dishwasher is empty but people will just leave their dishes in the sink. More for me to clean up.

People using the kitchen rag as a napkin. Timmy does this when he is in a hurry and just wipes his dirty hands on the kitchen rag instead of using a paper towel. Like no, I use that to dry dishes and the sink...use a napkin.

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