Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {The Cake}

Another day, another Wednesday, another Wedding Wednesday! This week you all get a special treat! Today is all about our delicious wedding cake, that of course we got absolutely none of! Not even the top part! But thankfully I had the same exact cake at my  Lilly Bridal Shower and saved the top so we will eat that on our anniversary!

As soon as we were engaged, I knew exactly where I wanted our wedding cake to be from. Timmy on the other hand wasn't a huge fan of  Edible Art. But I just loved the taste, Timmy likes a more softer and fluffier cake. But I won and we got our cake from Edible Art.

I had little idea about what I wanted on our cake, all I knew was I wanted our monogram. What southern girl wouldn't? But once I found the picture of the cake I wanted there was no turning back, this is what I had to have. We made the appointment and Timmy ended up liking it. We went with a 4 tiered cake, 2 layers lemon, one vanilla and one marble; the lemon was my favorite and I didn't even get to eat any of the cake! But it sure did turn out pretty!

On our cake table we also had our toasting flutes, which I don't remember using but I think we did, our cake knife and our forks I had personalized from  Milk & Honey.

Timmy and I had not talked about what we were going to do when it came time to feed each other the cake, but I think deep down he knew I was going to smear it all over his face. But, I think he also knew I was allowed to do it but if he did it he would be in trouble his first night of being my husband. Timmy was very sweet and didn't mess up my makeup and just fed me the cake!

I know cupcakes are now the trend, do you prefer cupcakes or the traditional cake?

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next week: bouquet & garter toss
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Piper Ellice said...

So beautiful. I cannot wait for April 30 to roll around so I can pull our cake topper out of the freezer! I think about it every time I get something out!
Piper Ellice @
Starting Out Southern Blog

Ashley Stephenson said...

Ah you are lucky you have one! Ours got all cut up and I didn't want to take home individual slices so I said just let the vendors take it home! But I just emailed our baker and we get an anniversary cake!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love the simplicity of your cake design with the details of the layers!

Unknown said...

I love you're cake!! So pretty!!! I know a lot of people that have been doing different cake flavors for each tier. It's so different! I also think when I get married that I will want a monogram on it as well. It's the southern girl in me. :)

Falon said...

What a gorgeous cake! I'm a wedding planner so I prefer cupcakes (easier to serve ;o)) but nothing is quite as beautiful as a traditional cake!

Being Leanna said...

Beautiful cake! I love the alternating layers of ruffles. While I love a good cupcake I prefer the idea of a traditional cake. Glad you loved the design so much!

Unknown said...

I love your cake! The monogram is such a fun touch to it. I did cupcakes on wood slab cupcake stands my father in law made. But I made sure that we had a cake to cut too, because #forthepicture. ;)

Unknown said...

wow i love the cake..its so simple yet so elegant.. and i think it yummy

Erlene said...

I'm a traditional cake gal for a wedding. I think your cake was beautiful and I love that you mixed the flavors. I can't believe you didn't get to eat any though.