Thursday, November 3, 2016

{ Stephenson 2016 Fall Bucket List // Halloween Party }

Who else is sad Halloween has come and gone? I love Halloween! We don't get many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood but I still love decorating for it! This year we decided to have a Halloween Party! It was our first time having a Halloween party and I was so excited to decorate for it!

Some of you have heard me talk about The Gutter, which is where we had our Halloween Party. If you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain. The Gutter is what we call our bar area down by the pond at our house. My dad had is built when he lived there and it is amazing for cookouts and parties!

We have never hosted a Halloween party, so I had a lot of fun decorating The Gutter. My younger sister had a few Halloween parties when she lived here so I started out with a good amount of decorations left over from her parties. But, in true Ashley fashion I went above and beyond and got tons of decorations! You can say I am a bit of a party planner, I love planning parties! This is my second themed party, the first was my best friends  Carnival Themed Birthday Party - which was at The Gutter as well!

Pinterest and Etsy were a huge help in the planning of the party. I found tons of cute ideas on Pinterest! Like these Jello-Shot syringes! I love making jello-shots, so the halloween themed syringes were perfect!

My favorite part of the party were the cups I bought! Thank goodness if we decide to have another party next year I will have left overs and use them again! The Facebook name of the event was Boos & Brews; then these cups popped up on Etsy and I knew I had to have them!

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We had a spread of finger foods; some cupcakes, chips & salsa, cheese tray and of course candy! I bought majority of the Halloween decor from Target that was on this side of The Gutter. I think the  Glam Pumpkins were my favorite, I will definitely be pulling those out next Fall to decorate in my house!

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We had another table set up with the Sangria I made, but we weren't able to drink. Sad story. It truly is because it was so delicious! [RECIPE COMING SOON]. But so I made the Sangria earlier that morning, tasted it and couldn't wait for it to be acceptable time for me to start drinking so I wanted until 6pm. I walked down to The Gutter and grabbed a Boo-zed Cup and poured a glass and went back upstairs to get ready. About 20 minutes later Timmy walked down to The Gutter to get a beer and opened the fridge and there was just about a quarter of the jar left; it had leaked out of the spicket and was all at the bottom of the fridge. I was able to have about 2 more cups of it, but trust me I was so mad at myself. But I will be making it again!

People started arriving and were loving the decorations! It was so rewarding hearing people tell me what an awesome job I did decorating! I wonder what themed party I can throw next, probably won't be for awhile because it is going to start getting cold and we won't hang out down at The Gutter much in the winter months.

We had a good amount of people come dressed up! It was funny to see all their costumes! I have already started coming up with ideas for our costumes next year! Maybe it will be another  couples costume like this past year!

Here are majority of the items I bought for the party, like I said some of the items I already had! 

Drink Up Witches Napkins
Happy Halloween Banner
Halloween Photo Booth Props
Gel Clings
Hanging Spider
Glitter Pumpkins
Jack O'Lantern Luminary Bags
Halloween Silhouette Luminary Bags
LED Tealights
Prize Ribbons
Window Posters
Sugar Skull Plates
Jello Shot Syringes

Did you go to any Halloween parties this year?

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Laura Darling said...

Your decorations are AWESOME! You look like a Halloween party pro! The Gutter sounds like such a cool thing, I want one at my house! :) Glad you had fun!