Thursday, November 2, 2017

Football Tailgating Essentials

We are right smack dab in the middle of football season and I couldn't be more happier - not only does football season mean tailgating with friends but it also means Fall is here! No matter the team you are pulling for, tailgating is half the fun! Unfortunately my alma mater did not have a football team but luckily I live in the heart of Raleigh where NC State Football is HUGE and us Meredith girls, love us some Wolfpack!

I find tailgating to be more fun than the game and everyone knows it. Sometimes if I don't have a ticket to the game I will go with friends and just tailgate! Any excuse to get dressed up in Wolfpack colors, put my boots on and drink some beer. But a tailgate can't be a successful tailgate without some necessities and these are things I NEVER go to a tailgate without.

1 // FOOD
Food is the number one necessity at a tailgate - and I am not talking about chips and some fruit - I am talking about burgers, hot dogs, dips, bojangles (you can't go to a tailgate without bojangles), etc. Food is going to be the one thing that is going to keep you going for this tailgate.

2 // Good Friends
You can't go to a tailgate without your closest friends! Besides the food, your friends make your tailgates memorable!

3 // Tailgate chairs WITH cup holders
Everyone is going to want a place to sit down and the car isn't good enough, plus you can get in trouble sitting in the drivers seat with a beer in hand. But not only do you need tailgate chairs - you need to make sure they have cup holders!

4 // Cross Body Purse
Because no one wants to carry their huge Michael Kors purse into the game and stand in line to get it checked (and some stadiums don't allow them). Also you don't have to worry about keeping track of it - its across your body - your hands and arms are free to move.

5 // Trash Bags
This is a necessity I RARELY remember to bring - but I think it is the most important. Of course you walk by tailgates with people just crushing their beer cans on the ground and leaving them there, but do you really want to be that person? I know I don't. If I forget to bring a trash bag I am constantly telling my husband to just throw the empty cans in the cooler - gross but I don't want to be that person. Luckily now we sometimes see people walking around with trash bags to give to people!

6 // Comfortable Shoes
Are 5 inch heels really appropriate for football games? Give me some flats or boots and I will be perfectly content and comfortable. Sometimes I see these girls trying to walk in the gravel of the student parking lots at State and I just laugh because sooner or later she will be barefoot or in a cast.

7 // Cup to keep your drink cold
Even though now the hot summer games have come and gone, who wants a drink that the ice is melted and watered down? Yeti's have been my go to cups for tailgates and any other type of get together. It keeps my drink cold, my ice frozen and most importantly it keeps my stylish!

What are some of the necessities you take during a tailgate?


Summer @ Coffee With Summer said...

Food & friends - YES! Spot on. Also, trash bags are a clear genius idea!

Jennifer L. said...

I dont think I've ever done tailgating but a few friends have and they always say how much fun they have. I had to look up what bojangle was but looks good. I'm sold.