Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

In all my 23 years there has never been a Mother's Day that I haven't looked forward to - but this year is different - I am still looking forward to it but in a different way. Although my mom has passed away doesn't mean I still can't celebrate Mother's Day with her. Even though she isn't here on Earth with us I know she is up in Heaven looking down at Caroline and I while we celebrate her today.

You hear people all the time say their mom is their best friend - but how many times do you actually believe it? Well I can promise you that I am telling you the truth when I say those words - my mom was my best friend. Some of my close friends may be wondering - how? You guys had huge arguments at times, or she didn't like a lot of your boyfriends in high school or that you and her at times said things to each other that you regretted. Well, yes all these are true but can you say that you never did any of those things with your best friend? Mom and I had this bond that no one could mess with - not a boy, not another family member and not a friend. We could be screaming at each other in some stupid fight about a shirt I wanted to wear and she wouldn't let me and the next 20 minutes we were sitting there laughing about how silly we sounded and looked. I remember Mom every night coming into my room and kissing me good night - no matter my age, no matter if I was mad at her or she was mad at me - we never went to bed without a kiss.

It is days like today that I think of all the memories I still wish I could share with my mom. But I know she will be with me through all these memories in Spirit. She won't physically be there to share all the wonderful moments Caroline and I still have to experience but I know she will be right beside us enjoying them all.

I have become a stronger and more confident person since my mom passed away and I owe that all to her. As Caroline and I grew up she taught us to be as strong as we could and not to focus on what other people had to say about us but how we saw ourselves. I believe that I am being the strongest I can be during this tough time because my mom taught me to stay strong through any situation. She never gave up on anything and stayed strong until the moment she passed away. Everyday I thank God for giving me the time I had with my mom and making her such a strong woman - which she passed down to me and Caroline. At times, we may not always be as strong as the day before but with each day we are growing closer and closer to becoming the woman our mom was.

Mother's Day 2009

I love you mom - Happy Mother's Day!