Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Proposal

I am ENGAGED!!!! I can't believe I am going to be marrying the man of my dreams in over a year. We got engaged over our trip to Florida on the beach - it was absolutely perfect.

How He Proposed:

Timothy proposed to me on the night of Saturday July 26, 2014 (one day after our 3 year anniversary). Before he popped the question we had spent the day on the hot sandy beaches in Delray Beach. Of course I wanted to tan and get some sun while I was down in Florida but that day Timmy kept asking me what our plans were for the night - I think to maybe try and find the best time to get down on one knee. I just kept saying I'm not sure we can go up in a little and get ready for dinner, well I kept saying we will go up in 30 minutes then when those 30 minutes were up I would say wait another 30 minutes. We finally went up at around 4 and decided to get ready for dinner. I already knew that I was going to wear one of my new maxi dresses because we were going to go out somewhere nice to celebrate our 3 years since we got in so late from the airport the night before. While I was getting ready Timmy said he wanted to go down to the beach and have someone take a picture of us - so after we were both ready we walked down to the beach. There weren't many people around us and we were a little nervous to just walk up to someone and ask if they would take a picture because we were fully dressed up and everyone else was in their bathing suits - but we saw a guy walking towards us and we decided we would wait for him to get to us and then we would ask him. So as we were waiting for the guy to come Timmy was telling me how much he loved me and as soon as that started I knew what was happening...he then got down on one knee and of course I said yes! Oh and we completely missed the guy walking by us - he walked by right after Timmy got down on one knee and yelled "Congrats!" so we ended up having to walk to someone to take our picture - now we weren't scared because we were both on top of the world!

How I was feeling:

Every girl dreams of the day they are proposed to and mine couldn't have gone any better. I had secretly been hoping he was going to pop the question this weekend but I wasn't sure. Timmy and I have talked about getting married on many, many occasions - so many times he just stops responding to me when I bring it up. He always told me not to expect to get engaged at a predictable time...i.e. Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc. So that is why I was hoping but I didn't know for sure. In my mind I was thinking that since Timmy told me not to expect an engagement coming on our anniversary then maybe he will do it because he always told me he would never do it then. But when he started telling me how he felt about me, my mind went blank. I was just overwhelmed with so much excitement and shock that this moment was actually happening. There were tears, laughs, kisses and hugs.

How He was feeling:

Timmy told me he was as nervous as can be. He said he rehearsed it a thousand times over and wasn't sure what the first words should be "Hey Babe" or "Hey Ashley". If he had said my name I would have definitely known for sure this was not just any ordinary conversation. I'm not sure why he was so nervous, he knew what my answer was going to be! I guess he was just nervous because this makes all of our conversations about the future real.

Now, time to put all my Pinterest boards to good use! Cheers to wedding planning!!

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Stephanie Alban said...

Omg! congratulations :)... The way he proposed to you is the sweetest