Monday, August 18, 2014

San Diego, CA | 2014

I am really missing California right now, not sure if it is because I am currently writing this from my work desk or if I am really having California blues. Let's just say I wish I wasn't writing this from my work desk and I was lounging on a beach somewhere.

My trip to California was amazing and I would encourage everyone to try and get out there at some point in their life. This was my second time out in California and I still loved every second of it. Last summer I took a trip with my mom and sister to visit my two best friends that live in LA and this year Timothy and I went out there together to visit the same two best friends with an added bonus of our other best friend from NC joining us for this trip.

We spent 3 nights in San Diego in this beautiful beach house, just walking distance to some of the bars and the beaches. It was perfect for us because no one wanted to drive everywhere and traffic in California is awful! We spent most of our days lounging on the beach getting burnt and our nights out on the town.

Before we went out my best friends had a surprise for me! Once we got to the house the stuck me and Timmy in our room and wouldn't let us out. When we walked out this is what we walked into!

The first night we were in San Diego we went to Gaslamp District, which is basically their downtown. It was just streets of bars and restaurants and it was really cool to get to see all the different types of bars they have.

We even made it to COYOTE UGLY. Which was my favorite part because I LOVE the movie - but did not know that the movie was actually based on the bar not the other way around - I had always thought the bars were based on the movie. But it was exactly what I expected - country music, girls on the bar and the girls working there doing dances every 30 minutes for everyone to see. I was a little disappointed that they weren't allowed to spray someone with the water spout if someone asked for water.

The next few days we relaxed by the beach and hung out around the house and went out close around our house. Happy Hours are a big thing so we enjoyed a few of those at a few different bars the last day we were there.

On our last full day in California, we decided to stop in Laguna Beach on the way back to LA from San Diego. This was by far one of my favorite places - probably because I used to be obsessed with the show! But needless to say I enjoyed it - we went on the beach to take a few pictures and then ate outside at a cute little restaurant overlooking the water. 

Our last night was spent in LA and we went to the restaurant, SUR. I had no clue this restaurant was owned by Lisa Vanderpump and the show "Vanderpump Rules" was from this restaurant. You can read about my experience in this post 

California is an amazing place to go, everyone should go there at least one time if they get the chance to! I love that my two best friends live there and it gives me an excuse to take a vacation and spend some time with my best friends! 

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