Monday, September 8, 2014

Get to Know the Bridesmaids

So I have finally asked all my bridesmaids and my Maid of Honor to be in my wedding! These will be a fun group of girls, no doubt! Get ready it is a long list!!

Here are the girls!

Maid of Honor: Leslie

This is Leslie she lives in Wilmington, NC. She and I met in 4th grade in Mrs. Jeannette's class, although we didn't become friends until 7th grade. To be honest I wasn't a huge fan of her until one night we went out and met one of our friends Taylor. It was definitely a monumental moment in our friendship because we talk about that night all the time. Since that night Leslie and I have been inseparable and I couldn't be any happier to have her stand beside me the day I say "I do".

Bridesmaid: Caroline (sister)

Little Caro. Well I have known her for almost 17 years and I am still learning new things about her. She is an amazing and strong person and I look up to her even though she is my younger sister. Right now she is currently OBSESSED with One Direction, but sorry one direction at my wedding.

Bridesmaid: Kaylee (sister)

Meet Kaylee. The youngest in the bridal party- she just started high school this year. My wittle baby sistaaa is growing up :(. We may have a 10 year age gap but now that she is growing up I can make her my little model and she doesn't hate me - she used to hate me putting make up on her.

Bridesmaid: Chelsea

Chelsea. Chels. Bells. Crazy girl. Call her anything and she will answer. Chelsea is living the good life in LA. This girl and I have been through so much together and still have made it up on top. We met my Freshmen year of high school and she convinced me to try out for Varsity Cheerleading - well I am glad I did because it gave me one of my very best friends out of it! Also - she is the one who introduced me to Paige and Rachel (two of my other bridesmaids)

Bridesmaid: Paige

Paige and Chelsea are sisters. You wouldn't guess that though would you? Complete opposite in every aspect. Paige and I met probably a little after Chelsea and I began hanging out - see it was a package deal - you get one of them and you get all three - pretty good deal right? Paige is also living in LA to further her acting career - she is going to be famous one day and you will be like oh I saw her in Southern and a little SASS' blog :). If you ever catch her in her element she will probably be singing some Disney song or some old song that I have never heard - she loves to listen to old music while getting ready - ps I'll pick the music we listen to while we are getting ready on the wedding day.

Bridesmaid: Rachel

Rachel lives in Charlotte, NC. Along with Paige, I met Rachel around the same time Chelsea started bringing me around all her friends. Of course I knew who they were before but we weren't all "friends" if you say. With Paige and Chelsea living in LA it has been nice having Rachel so close to home.

Bridesmaid: Erin

Everyone should go to Erin right now and thank her because if it wasn't for her - there would be no wedding to plan. So glad I became friends with Erin because she was the one who introduced me to my fiance! I met Erin working at Kickback Jacks in Garner - the place sucked but I made a lot of good friends out of it.  We will definitely be making a toast to Erin on our Wedding night :)

Bridesmaid: Brittany

My crazy other half! Brittany and I met in college - she was at State and I was at Meredith - we met right before our Junior year. We lived together for 2 years and formed this bond that no one could mess with! Plus I know if anyone came between us Brittany would let me have it :)

Bridesmaid: Whitney

wWw - the only girl I know with all the same initials in her monogram! She is one person I won't have a hard time remembering her monogram! Whitney and I met while we were both at Meredith - I think we met like our Junior year - I can't remember exactly because we never hung out except during the dreaded class Small Group. But after we graduated Whitney and I became the best of friends - not sure if it was because we were so much alike, the fact our significant others got along (which you know its rare for two girls to get along and their other halves to get along too!) or that we lived so close to each other but whichever was the starting factor I am so glad we did because my life would be so boring without you!

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know my bridesmaids a little! I know I have 9 but I am just such a lucky girl to have 9 beautiful ladies that mean so much to me. Each and every one of them have influenced my life in a different way and I would not be who I am today with out them. Love you girls and thank you so much for saying YES to being a part of mine and Timmy's big day! We can't wait to share this amazing day with y'all!

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Brita Long said...

Nine bridesmaids is a LOT, but I imagine you're having so much fun! I was one of eight bridesmaids in my best friend's wedding last year, and we all had a blast.