Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Gifts

It is my wedding so I had to have a little fun asking my bridesmaid and maid of honor to be in my wedding! Here is how I asked them, some DIY and some I bought.

Here is how I made my DIY planner for all my bridesmaids :) I was looking into buying them planners and such but once I found this blog with a complete tutorial I copied it almost exactly and made my own DIY Planner for my Bridesmaids! I hope you all enjoy! I know I will be visiting DIY Bride blog again during my planning!

 First I found the DIY Bride blog and I found the complete tutorial of how to make the planner. I copied all of these steps exactly. However I did not use a monogram for the center of the planner, instead I just used their first names.

I also did not use the tabs for each month because I was worried that they would tear the pages after a few uses.

After I completed the planners, I had to make them something cute that would actually ask them to be a part of my wedding. I also got this idea from the same blog post as the planner tutorial. Cut out dresses with a cute saying on them that would ask each bridesmaid and my maid of honor.

First, you need to get card stock paper - this will be best because it won't be as flimsy. Second pick out the style of the dress you want your design to be. I found mine on Pinterest. After you have figured out the type of dress you want, print it on regular paper with the wording so you can figure out the size of text. Then when you have it perfect, print it on the card stock. Since I was using the glitter duck tape I decided to put the tape on the top before I cut it so it would be neat and clean, I also put some glitter tape at the bottom of the dress as well to add a little more. After you have cut it out you are done! You can add a bow around the waist if you want to add a little more decoration.

The wording on the cut out dress says
The day, the dress, the bride, the groom
the joy, the tears, will all come so soon.
Professing true love, to my husband-to-be
with friends and family, all watching me.
Because to me you mean so much I have one thing to
say which I will phrase as such: Nothing would give
me more joy and pride, than to have you up right by
me, you’ve stood beside me throughout thick and thin,
and I want you to be there when I marry him. Many
great memories I have shared with your smile so, I
want you to meet at the end of the aisle!
Will you be my Maid of Honor?

And this was the final product!

I also bought my girls some cups for them to use on my wedding day! I found these cups on etsy! They were perfect and I did them in my wedding color (navy, the only color I have chosen so far),

Here is a picture of all the gifts together!

If you all have any fun DIY bride ideas for me, please pass them my way!

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