Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday: Top Ten

Pinterest is a great site and an awful site at the same time. I think everyone can agree. You can find tons of cute things you want and sometimes feel you NEED and our wallets don't always agree with what we think we need and what we think we want. We find things to keep us preoccupied and recipes to make us gain weight. But no matter how much we say we hate Pinterest sometimes, we still praise the creators because honestly what did we do before Pinterest!

Here are my top ten things I have found on Pinterest this week.

LOVE this bag pinned here
everything needs a little color pinned here

if it isn't moving, monogram it! pinned here

a little wedding humor - but you know it is true girls. Thinking of mexican and japanese food. pinned here
this a must have at my bachelorette party pinned here here
this pom pom throw blanket is adorable pinned here
this is the first year i will have my own home so i cant wait to decorate for christmas pinned here
love these nails pinned here here
because who doesn't think this is the absolute cutest thing ever. pinned here

i hope my moh does this :) pinned here