Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wedding Rules That Are OKAY to Break

Rule #1: You must invite everyone with a guest.

All my future brides and planning ladies, you know this rule can be expensive. The rule says that if you invite a single friend that they must have the option of bringing a date. I see two sides of this rule...if the guest is going to a wedding where he or she will know majority of the people there I do not think you MUST give them a plus one. Now if the guest will know absolutely no one- then you better not make them feel awkward and make sure they get a plus one. This has been my mentality when inviting guests and determining if they will get a plus one- because let's be honest if you gave everyone a plus one - you may end up paying for a lot of strangers to enjoy your free booze and free food.

Rule #2: You must wear a long white gown.

I am sticking to this rule, however I do agree that this is a rule brides can break. It is your Wedding Day, who cares what other people say..wear a pink dress for all I care - as long as the bride is happy!

Rule#3: The first time you see your groom should be at your ceremony.

This is a rule I want to break, but Timothy does not. He wants the first time both of us see each other to be when I am walking down the aisle with my Dad. At first I was OK with this, but now that I am actually planning the Wedding and making some details I would like for us to have a first look. There are 2 primary reasons for me wanting to have a first look before I walk down the aisle. First - Timothy and I are planning on getting married (*fingers crossed, we have to wait a year in advance before we can ask to be put on the calendar*) at the church I grew up and where my mom is buried. I thought it would be very sentimental to both of us to have our first look in the Columbarium where my mom's ashes are - Timmy and I have talked about a first look and the reason behind why it is important for me to have a first look where my moms ashes are.  Secondly, I found this great article about how much more special it is for a bride and groom to see each other alone before the ceremony rather than seeing each other the same time everyone else sees them (I thought I had pinned the article on Pinterest but I can't seem to find it).

Rule #4: Ceremony seating is based on a bride's side and a groom's side.

This is totally crazy - why should the families not be seated together? Timothy and I will be joining together as a family and ultimately I will gain the Stephenson's as my family and he will gain the Chase's as his family. I will have the first row on each side be my family and the other side be his family but I will have the standard sign "Pick a seat, not a side" at my wedding.

Rule #5: You have to leave for your honeymoon right after the reception.

Not many brides I know have left for their honeymoon directly following the reception. There is just too much going on and you are so tired I don't know why any bride would want to do that. Timothy and I are planning on leaving for our honeymoon a week after our wedding. Since we are getting married the weekend before Thanksgiving and we wanted to be in town with our families during Thanksgiving we decided it would be the best idea to go a week later. Also, it will give us time to get some last minute things done before the Honeymoon rather than rushing back after reception and packing and being worried that I forgot something.

Brides, keep in mind a wedding is a very personal thing and should be whatever you want - don't let someone tell you you have to break a rule or you have to follow a rule - it is all about you and your hubby!

What wedding rules would you choose to keep and which ones would you break?